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Immigrant children being housed in Topeka group home

This story reminds me of that Dimwit governor who scared the unread about terrorist coming in from Mexico. What a moron ...but then again, isn't the current president speaking about terrorist coming through Mexico now or his current lie about drug cartel sponsored children....the BS and lies tend to blur the sordid story line. Unfortunately, this is America. Racism is alive and working its way into the fringes by way of providing an excuse to hate....

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KU's interim provost fields tough questions on budget cuts at town hall meeting

I get 'frustrated' when i see the chancellor's $500,000 'slap-on-the-back' payout when writing my tuition check. And the jet comes across as a marketing decision more so than a necessity. Let;s get KU to take the lead in cost reduction measures. There has to be a different path to excellence that doesn't require exuberant admin salaries as that seems the driving force for the budget. Nonetheless, so much of what we don't see is based on the university's ability (perhaps leaderships' paradigm) to reaching fundraising goals. That mindset of spending to fundraising, needs to be examined against the school's inability to provide additional scholarships and reduced tuition cost. (along with increasing salaries for the professors!)

And it sounds as if the interim provost Lejuez is taking the right steps thus far. I feel better as a parent who provides the tuition, with the openness and frankness as the Interim Provost has demonstrated thus far. We will all be watching.

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Report: KU paid $200,000 in settlement related to sexual harassment claim

When will the university understand that they are dealing with public funds. Regardless if the university received the hush money from private sources; as one plate that could be used for scholarships is now used for hush money. Be it the private jet that went no where , the chancellor and her $500,000 spending is out of control and the taxpayers and the parents that have to support exorbitant tuition cost.....are tired of those spoiled administrators thinking somehow its their own money to blow on foolishness and back slapping comforts.....

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Housing Authority moving ahead with plans for apartments at site of proposed behavioral health campus

It is refreshing to see a govt agency that has managed grant funds well enough to have maintained excess dollars and use those same funds to expand their services to the less fortunate county residents. Job well done Housing Authority!

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Driver shot by police is a Lawrence resident and father of 6, still recovering in hospital

Thank you Renee, for providing Neil with some character of being a valued person who shows compassion. The others on here tend to play cop with listing him as a criminal before they even know the facts. A father of 6, that says a lot to me right there. I am just thankful that he is alive to see his children and them see him. I was young and stupid about tickets and court dates....sometimes we tend to forget that people of color have a different upbringing and take on being able to get to court, being able to pay the tickets as they have to provide for their family first. Let's see how this plays out.

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Views From Kansas: Problems with immigration law

Do you have any idea of what the percentage of gang members are (regardless of where they come from) as to the total number of those crossing the border? And propaganda starts with demonizing groups of people so that they "all" become looked upon as rapist and now animals. Its dehumanizing at best and more like evil. Never met a racist that admitted they were racist....DJT has brought open racism more acceptable to the uneducated; convincing that group that it is someone else's fault that they are not economically as well off as they feel they should be.

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Investigators: Driver shot by Lawrence police was initially stopped for seat-belt violation, altercation ensued

Do you really think this guy came out swinging over a traffic stop? Take a deep breath on the accusations and lets see what the report will provide. It is odd that the police release little to no information on the night this happened with the exception that the black guy had a knife....People of color have good reason to be apprehensive of the entire justice system that is the perspective we should all be coming from....And as far as the "po po" being used...inappropriate in this case but I think the same guy is a regular for commentary on this site.

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Legislators pass budget package that would restore $15 million to Kansas higher education

Before they pass on the money to the higher education groups, why don't' the legislators go back and evaluate the 'deals' the REGENTS have provided to the senior level management personnel? Deals like the $500,000 given to the could be called the "Scott Pruitt Committee" to remind how the REGENTS align their thinking with that of the EPA administrator.

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Kansas approves religious veto on LGBT adoptions

Let's get rid of the old, tired professional legislators and move into the main stream of America. Why did I ever decide to settle in this state is something I ask myself when I read articles about legislation such as this, that is passed in today's world....its 2018!! Get it right, Love is Love...let's move on. There are 7,000 kids that need adoption and this legislation only makes it harder to adopt....and then they sugar coat their reasoning with BS about expanding the pool of kids that need to be put up for adoption....and these guys call themselves Christians....not my kind of Christian.....

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Recently disclosed letter from 2016 shows Regents agreeing to Gray-Little's $510K salary as 'expression of our gratitude'

Its episodes such as this that provide the public, especially the less informed public, the bad taste for public education spending decisions. The leaders of education should be outraged at such callous use of dollars, especially those in primary and secondary education....regardless of where the money comes from, its these type episodes of self-imposed hierarchical spending patterns that turn the general public away from educational spending in general.....I would say call the EPA to clean up this political environmental mess, but seems like the REGENTS and Scott Pruitt came from the same school of thought.

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