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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

We all know that Fox and O'Reilly are not slanted in their judgement. Come on people, this cop shot an unarmed guy 6 times!! The body was left outside without being picked up, for 4 hours! The prosecuting attorney had experience involving family law enforcement being accused of racism in similar situation.....a trial would have brought transparency. What do people fear to having a trial to temper the rage of injustice. The grand jury was provided a one-sided story without cross examination....

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Lawrence commission takes blame for defeat of police headquarters tax

I don't think the commission or apparently any of those who spoke or reported to have spoken, understand what I think is the reason for the "failure" to raise taxes....

There is no need for a new police station. No evidence that spending $28MM is a reason for what can be done with far less expensive repairs to the existing law enforcement buildings. Absolutely no study done, or documented evidence presented (except their own crafted online video) as to the need for one new $28MM location; the entire argument is based on the police chief's belief that one castle is what the kingdom needs. "Where's the beef"?

After realizing that fact, then there is the wink wink fraternity business acumen that the commission is doing that brings a HUGE distrust from the people as to their fairness in previous appropriations.

It wasn't about Rock Chalk; it was about an over designed building (which provides a fee based on percentage of overall cost for that same design to the design firm) for a need that doesn't exist....sort of like Kris Kobach's need for Voter ID.... and be rest assured, just like Kobach continues to spend taxpayer money for something we don't need, so will this commission continue to push for a headquarters that isn't needed. Somebody get some clothes for the commissioners.

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Q&A on Lawrence police headquarters, sales tax

I would like to know just how much is the A&E fee for the project, and are any of the firms/contracting groups promoting in any way the ballot initiative? The school district had an agreement with their A&E firm, which I find to be a questionable ethics issue if true, as blatant conflict of interest that a firm is promoting for their own fee, the passage of the sales tax which would then benefit the firm, as in attaining said fee, if it is so agreed to assist in the promotion for passage.

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Q&A on Lawrence police headquarters, sales tax

I voted against the proposed tax increase, and I knew what to look for on the ballot. However, my daughter, visiting for her Fall Break from classes, ended up voting for the proposal as she was not aware, nor took the time to read, only thinking that the tax increase was for infrastructure improvement.

So the wording is plain to the voter's eye if you know what is forthcoming. However, the measure is written to surmise Infrastructure Improvements on the ballot.

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Roberts once supported firearms background checks

Yes, a politician who gets smarter as he moves to Washington....that could happen. Or it could be he is one of the 'rare' types of politician that flip-flops his position and takes the money.

Now, for a US Senator, representing the people of Kansas, and that only came to Kansas 7 times last year....and owns residential property in Virginia...i tend to think the latter of the options listed above is more probable.

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U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins files for re-election

"I think that is the way she describes herself," Jenkins said. "That's her profession, in stark contrast to being, I think, a certified public accountant."

Jenkins isn't a CPA. Just her making such a statement shows a lack of character. Jenkins had to get a special permission to keep the CPA title even though she is not recognized as a CPA by the state board.

Would make me think of myself as a fake to put a title on my name that i know was not indicative of what I was....and this is the best we have to run for Congress? Makes the profession of politics so warped of an endeavor.

Jenkins is an embarrassment to Kansas by keeping the 'fake' CPA title. Come one Congresswoman, you are showing the fact that Washington has won you over.

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Lawrence man to be sentenced in June for marijuana distribution

Really! We are going to put a young man in prison for 4 years for distributing what you can drive 8 hours to purchase next door in CO?!!!

We really are going to spend countless dollars for the next 4 years to what?, stop someone from doing this heinous crime?

Come on Kansas, its time to move forward.

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Kansas senators split on farm bill

Time for Roberts to step aside. He brings nothing of value to the state except opposition to the White House. No leadership, no innovation, his biggest comments are usually negative rather than positive or advancing legislation.

Time to move on.

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City manager's recommended budget calls for slight mill levy increase, 19 new city employees

Shouldn't be about Amyx voting against it, can he lead the fight to defeat it?!?! One thing to be safe and "be with the people", its another when you organize and fight the other west wing commissioners. What a disappointment the other Mike has become.

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Brownback running for re-election

What about Holland running one more time? Come back to Kansas Kathleen!!

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