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Internet outage on KU campus disrupts services; restored access expected by Wednesday morning

AT&T cell phone coverage has also been incredibly unreliable since the internet outage at KU. Perhaps it's reactionary to the increased reliance on cell service with a major wifi hub down, but it's been barely functional for hours.

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KU, Lawrence schools closed; a list of other closings, cancellations for Tuesday

Please add Sunshine Acres Monessori School to the list of closings! :)

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Local food pantries collaborate to provide healthy food

I'm not surprised by the negativity that comes along with articles about social services but I'm still disgusted by it. There are countless community members who appreciate the contributions of Just Food/Ballard Center/Sal Army and even more who respect and admire the hard work that is put in. Unfortunately, those people probably avoid the comments section of LJWorld. (I normally do!)

Thank you to all those involved in this shift, I think it speaks volumes about the quality of community Lawrence has.

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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

There definitely were responders... Several police cars. No ambulance for 15-20 minutes.

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Cyclist suffers critical injuries after being struck by SUV

Was at the scene very shortly after the accident and it took an ambulance nearly 20 minutes to arrive on the scene. Maybe this man's critical injuries could've been better treated with an immediate response. I'm thoroughly disgusted at this.

Thoughts and prayers to the victim!

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East Lawrence homes spruced up with modern, unique appearances

I couldn't be more sick of seeing her properties perpetually for rent, overpriced and fallen into ruin, someone would have to be a complete fool to rent them. I dont understand how these slum lords get away with it. And I wish they would stop clogging Craigslist with their crap!

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Sound Off: I was wondering if there is a city law on how much trash and junk you can have in your fr

What about houses like the one across from the police station that has sat abandoned with a yard FULL of trash, cars, and other junk for YEARS? There HAS to be an ordinance against this. There are several animals living in/amongst the mess. Its a hazard and a detriment to property values.

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Eco-Parents to put on kids’ clothing swap

The clothing swap every year always brings in amazing quality clothes and every swap I've found really adorable name brand items in the next size up for my daughter! Its a high priority to the swap coordinators that everything that comes through the door is in good shape - NO stains, no holes, and clean! We need volunteers to help us sort clothing as it comes in so if you're interested contact the email listed above! Volunteers get to shop the swap before the general public! We're expecting a great turn out this year too! Very exciting and thanks to LJ World for helping spread the word!

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What store would you like to see come to Lawrence?

Some of these suggestion... yikes.

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Knology statement on its pending purchase of Sunflower Broadband

If you are interested in Knology rates, check out their website and read up. They are far more affordable than Sunflower, and they don't have ridiculous bandwidth caps that can cost several customers hundreds of dollars in overage charges. Sunflower is far and away one of the most expensive cable/broadband companies in comparison to others that serve areas in the midwest, in counties the size of ours. And they got away with it for so long becaues there was no competition to drive their rates down. Now that there is a larger corporation involved and several competitors, one could argue that we will only see costs (long term) go down.

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