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Parkinson: GOP budget cuts ‘irresponsible’

Hear, hear! Republican's love to raise taxes, in fact they do it more often than Democrats. Voters would never know that though because the Republicans do it in a deceitful way and try to cover it up; then tell you they oppose it to your face.

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Parkinson: GOP budget cuts ‘irresponsible’

Anyone who wishes to oppose the smoking ban - thank a Republican, they do after all control both chambers in the state, meaning, if they did not support it, it would never have passed.
I am a smoker, and I do not mind being banned from smoking indoors, have not done that in years anyway; higher taxes would only serve in pushing me to quit sooner. It should be a luxury if people want to poison their bodies, they should be able to afford the medical costs associated with that choice.

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Parkinson: GOP budget cuts ‘irresponsible’

Rather than just a one cent state tax increase across the board - which most favor, Republicans in Kansas are beginning to sound as ridiculous as Republicans in DC. This sounds like a plan straight out of Brownback's playbook.
The disparities and hardship should be handed over to districts to increase mills for what is supposed to the state's responsibility. I have to agree with the Democrats on this one, the GOP plan would create a huge inequity.
People all over are saying they would be willing to pay a one cent sales tax increase to help fund schools - the original plan by Parkinson was a good option - or cutting back on corporate tax breaks, but the Republican's can't have that either if they want funds to win their seats back.
At a national level, Kansas is being told to raise cigarette taxes...with the newly passed smoking ban, the two would seem to go hand-in-hand in helping some kick the habit.

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Kansas Senate approves budget that would lead to deficit unless taxes are raised

Paulette - "While the economic crisis continues, I have seen no elected official mention an increase in the Kansas corporate income tax as a mechanism of balancing the state budget."

Two weeks ago, Gov. Parkinson did make the suggestion of increasing KS corporate tax.
At the Fed. level, the Bush tax cuts only affected the top 10 percent earners - decreasing their taxes while the middle class picked up the tab. The tax cuts were passed by Republicans through reconciliation. So at the Federal level, the tax cuts will not be renewed once they expire. The current administration has reduced taxes for anyone making under $250,000 annually - that is about 96 percent of the population. The difference is being paid by the very wealthy. I just got my taxes back from the preparer and noticed a considerable decrease over last year.

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Kansas Senate approves budget that would lead to deficit unless taxes are raised

Koch was bailed of a major lawsuit by Bush to the tune of $118,000 in campaign donations and Brownback received $86,000 from Koch - their money (Koch) is spread out in many different ventures including ag chemicals, oil, paper, etc..., many of their companies are in other countries. Not only are the Koch brothers funding the Tea Party rallies -- they are the group who founded American's for Prosperity. Lots of dirty money and lobbyist paying GOP to regulate in their favor.

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Kansas Senate approves budget that would lead to deficit unless taxes are raised

The president requested no earmarks, and yet, Republicans voted to keep earmarks. Brownback just gained another 12 million on top of the 23 that he already got. Chop taxes with a dull ax behind the shed? Not hardly when faced with that decision. Over $500K in subsidies for his family farm - while he sits on the committee who approves those tax dollars for his farm. And, his worth reported last year was ten million. Go figure.

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Kansas Senate approves budget that would lead to deficit unless taxes are raised

Yes, especially when Brownback who is wanting to be our governor wants to abolish the Department of education and medicaid. Smaller government huh? People have no idea what that would do for their wallets. We would all be homeless. Deregulate banks, deregulate health insurance companies - now we know what those scenarios have done for us. No thanks - someone needs to keep these conglomerates in check, and it is pretty clear that Republicans will not do it. They would lose too much pay-off money. People are throwing their anger in the wrong direction.

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Professors differ on health amendment

Kobach would say anything for his self serving cause. Why would anyone vote for or trust someone who has been a proven liar in years past?
People are already paying more in taxes because there is no health reform in this country.
Why do we pay such outrages costs for any treatment now? Because so many do not have health insurance and cannot pay their bills when they get treatment.
With health care reform, costs would be reduced, no denials from providers for preexisting conditions, and no denials after paying years to insurance companies and you do become ill. No annual rate increases, and lowered prescription costs.
We are forced to pay auto insurance - we are required to pay home-owner's insurance at a state level, why should we not be required to carry health insurance especially given the fact that this country spends more on health care from the budget than any other item?
It just makes sense. No matter what lies you hear from those against health reform, get the facts from the Or go to
Some people seem intent on protecting the large insurance companies who rob them blind, and the lawmakers who pocket large payoffs from their lobbyist to vote in their favor - I choose to look at the overall picture - when 18 other countries are doing quite well with universal, or single pay - we are arguing over the government "taking over," and that is absurd. The government is trying to bring costs down while reducing the deficit. People need to wake up to that fact.

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Kansas Senate approves budget that would lead to deficit unless taxes are raised

Who was it three weeks ago on the phone that made the comment "Republicans have always balanced the budget in Kansas," oh yea, it was Lynn Jenkins.
31 Republican state senators and nine Democratic senators? I know who I will not be voting for. They have a complete and total majority in Kansas. No taxes huh?

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