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City has approved street vendor licenses for three sidewalk stands

Big Prune,

Yes, all food vendors with carts in Kansas have to have a hand-washing sink, at least. You can see in the Sun Dog Food vendor's cart he has four sinks. That's because he serves "potentially hazardous foods" like meat products.
Just Chillin', the Hawaiin shaved ice stand at 10th and Mass, and my business, Green Violin Italian Ice, each need one sink, a hand-washing sink. Our flavoured ices contain no dairy so they are not considered "potentially hazardous foodstuffs." Fruit, water and sugar is all, plus some food colourings to brighten it up.
Also, Just Chillin' AND Green Violin Italian Ice use wooden spoons and clear cornstarch cups which dissolve quicker in the trash heap than plastic tablewares.

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Geologists’ drilling project digs up past

We were near the equator?

Did we gradually spin out to where we are now, or all at once, or what?

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City has approved street vendor licenses for three sidewalk stands

Correction! Last paragraph should read:

"The city has issued three permits for the year -- one for the hot dog stand, one for a shaved ice vendor, and one for an Italian Ice vendor."

Wiki the two to learn the difference. Italian Ice is hand-scooped into a cup, much like ice cream. Italian Ice's fruit, water and sugar are made into a creamy product using the same methods by which ice cream is made. Italian Ice just uses water instead of milk and cream in the process.

Cordelia Brown
Green Violin Italian Ice
SW corner of 8th and Massachusetts

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