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Plaque completed to mark little-known history of KU's oldest building and its first owner, abolitionist Jim Lane

The plaque should be on the outside of the building!

"Vanchena said the plaque did not have approval through the appropriate university body for hanging on the building’s exterior."

Who or what is the appropriate university body? Let's cut the red tape here.

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Bishop Seabury Academy bids farewell to Class of 2014

Hey, Peter! Easy mistake to make -- it's not Schwang, it's Schawang, with an 'a' before the 'w.' Glad you covered the Seabury "Stepping Up' ceremony. When Seabury still had a Strings Department and an Orchestra, I was the Strings Teacher and sometime pianist. I was always moved by the ceremony and tradition at Seabury. It was a very fine school with a very visible and dauntless school spirit.

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Would you sign up and pay for a Google Fiber-type service in Lawrence?

We have Google Fiber in KCK, both the Gigabyte high-speed internet and the basic TV package. We also have ATT U-Verse internet and phone at our house in Lawrence. I can't tell the difference in the internet speeds. After beefing about it to Google Fiber, they told me I needed to buy a special $25 adapter (USB 3 to ethernet) from Amazon to use between my SamSung Chromebook and their ethernet cables they supplied when they hooked up our house with Google Fiber. I bought the adaptive device. It still made no noticeable difference to me. Average internet pages like Facebook or Wikipedia do not load instantly, they still take about 3 or 4 seconds. I beefed again. This time they suggested I buy another laptop or netbook with more than one gigabyte of RAM. I bought another Chromebook with 2 gigabytes of RAM. I still can't tell any difference.
And, your wireless internet is the same speed whether you got the Seven Years Free Regular Internet or the Gigabyte Special Super-Slick Gigabyte Internet. No router can deliver the fast stuff wirelessly, apparently. Sadder and Wiser. It's no big deal.

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Head-on crash on Maine Street still under investigation; one driver still in hospital

Jean Drumm? She's a very sweet, smart woman. She's a piano teacher!

I too drove by there shortly after it happened. I thought someone was filming a movie, a la The Day After. It was awful. That guy must have floored it from Sixth Street on south to where he finally crashed.

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Lawrence school board approves purchase of iPad 2s, tax rebate for Masonic Temple

In three years, half of them will be gone.

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Doughnut hole: Ban highlights difficulties of getting local flour in the Wheat State

Their website, hudsoncream.com, has a 'store-finder.'
We stopped in to a Stafford County grain elevator co-op this past spring and bought some at the elevator. The men working there were very nice about everything.

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Tunnels under central Kansas town tell a thoroughly riveting tale

Lawrence must have had them too. Remember the J-W article within the last few years about a downtown basement with a door facing the street? I just tried to look for it through the J-W archives but couldn't find it. Seems like it was Goldmaker's or a business near there, or at least a place on the Goldmaker's side of the street.

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Teener generates savings, interest

Hey, Reticent_Irrev: Yes, it actually can make it up the 11th street hill! A bit slowly, but yes!

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