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Man charged with aggravated battery after allegedly ramming van into sheriff's vehicle near Clinton Dam

My brother is not scum. You have no right to judge he is still mentally ill and Bert Nash still hasn't even seen him yet if you want to put the blame on something why don't you put the blame on our mental health care in this country.

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Police say man intended to crash into sheriff's vehicle on Clinton Lake Dam

If he really wanted to "murder" him, he could of waited till he was out of his car, or tried to ram his car off a cliff ect... no he didn't he hit him from the rear end. I'm not saying he needs off or not be punished for what he did or even that the victims life had lesser value. I'm not blaming who could of avoided this, but he wasn't red lining it, he took the mini van not the car. Why wasn't he charged? The text message records show that he had no intend of hurting anyone, it was a last second thing. I pray for you that heaven forbid you do anything wrong I don't go looking for the worse punishment possible as a way to solve it.

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Police say man intended to crash into sheriff's vehicle on Clinton Lake Dam

I agree that Bert Nash is underfunded, understaffed. What I really think we need is a place from them to go to talk. My husband goes to A.A. and they have meetings though out the day. There needs to be a place like this for the mentally ill.

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Police say man intended to crash into sheriff's vehicle on Clinton Lake Dam

I think you need to go to a education class on metal illness. Its clear you have no understanding of it what so ever. Mental illness is a progressive illness. Your not full fledge crazy. It wasn't until the last two years that it had become increasingly worse. If you had in the last five years, your wife leave you and wipe you bank account and run with the kids while your at work. Just to abandon them at a friends house and disappear for over a year. Then he let go of remorse to let her have share custody and off of her back child support she owed. Then out of nowhere she file for full custody and child support... all because she wanted her food assistance back and not to have the kids go to the school where she lived, because she don't work.... To top it off she send a false letter to him claiming to be some guy having a affair with his new wife, and then make a report to his wife's job trying to get her fired. Then she tells him he can't see the kids for his birthday, to have her send police the day before it saying he is stocking her. He has been in the hospital many time for major medical problems, which is not helping.... I'd of lost it too.

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Police say man intended to crash into sheriff's vehicle on Clinton Lake Dam

Because I have children, job, and a life of my own. He had called me around lunch time and was able to defuse him and told him to call for help, which he did. The police told him they wouldn't do nothing and to wait till the hearing. The phone call he made right before the accident was just after I picked up my kids from school and he would not tell me his location. Not at anytime during the call did he mention hitting anybody, as four other callers were linked to the call to testify to that. I assist helping him! I don't have a wand to fix it, in fact my husband went over three times during the past week to help him, he was beyond friend or family help and no one would step in, and all the police would do was fuel him.

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Police say man intended to crash into sheriff's vehicle on Clinton Lake Dam

I tell you what happened, he is a person who has metal illness his whole life and hours before this accident asked the police for help because he ex-wife was making attacks at him by making false claims and all they could say was "wait till the hearing". He tagged five people in a phone call saying he was going to kill himself and no one cared to help him. He did not intend to hurt the officer, trust me if he did, he would have. You want someone to blame, blame the system for not helping those who ask for it. My husband is a addicted and asked for help and they told him three months to see a mental health doctor..... and people wonder why there's a growing problem. Being lock up solves nothing but make people worse, especially the mentally ill... he has three child, the youngest only two years old.... he already has severe medical problems and had to quit his job.... just a couple weeks before the accident, which was a day before his birthday the police came accusing him of stocking his ex wife making him stand outside while his 2 year old son was watching from a window crying. I went over there to make sure he was ok, and found he was bleeding from his nose and ears down to his chin.... but heaven forbid we HELP anyone, just throw them in jail instead of fixing the REAL problem.

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Despite fewer cars, Douglas County Fair's demolition derby remains as popular as ever

Worst ever, half the cars didn't pass inspection, yet people paid full price...think refunds need to be issued for what I, will, never go to again

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Witness: 12-year-old struck by car in downtown Lawrence 'flew 30 feet'

what I really like you know it is where in the article Did it State where her parents were she was 12 years old shouldn't have been roaming around downtown Lawrence by herself also you're not really paying attention if you're looking at your cellphone specially if you're only four feet into the crosswalk not making excuses for the driver but there's probably a reason why he wasn't cited I think people will be driving a little bit easier if the idiots running the city of Lawrence wouldn't be closing so many streets all at once.

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Old Navy, Academy Sports, others announced as likely tenants for south of SLT retail project; Walmart Express taps Baldwin

Bring something for kids, like Chuck E Cheese's or a red lobster...i agree need more things on the east side...stop bringing in things we already have enough of.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

The police are worthless, they pull over to tell me no fireworks on July 3rd and are not allowed to be set off on any public roads or after 10pm even though a park ranger said I could. I asked what are these rules then...cause I'm out in the country on a dirt road, with kiddie fireworks. ..they told me, no public roads, no one's property, or city limits or after 10pm...WTF..
Some freedom! Ruin little kids having fun. I was nice enough to show I was picking up after myself and they sit in there car and wait for me to leave.

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