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Teachers, parents unhappy after teacher loses job

Thank you for supporting the east side, cause I do not live in no zoo. I've done more for my community then most. What I don't understand is why we're making a big deal, I see no shedding a tear when we lose a teacher at Kennedy. . Oh wait I know, cause only the rich matter to the city.

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Meet the Journal-World's 2015 Academic All-Star team

Way to go Sophia! You make your mom proud.

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Lawrence man bound over for trial after allegedly ramming van into sheriff’s vehicle

If he is pleading mental illness, then why isn't he getting any mental health care or on any medications its just a way to avoid getting in any trouble instead taking responsibility for his actions.

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Emergency personnel explain why trauma victims in Lawrence are not always taken to Lawrence hospital

why do people bash them all the time is they do a poor job. my mother in law went there to have a stent put in her leg and they triggered her into a heart attack then told her they didn't have the means in order to treat the heart attack they caused having to have her transferred to Kansas City. also I have had all my kids there and can you imagine giving birth and not being able to eat anything and a nurse walk in with a mouth full of food or better yet having your arms poked multiple times being told they didn't have anything to numb it and then they eventually had to go downstairs and get a specialist just to put an IV in your arm its been problems like this that caused all the bashing

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Police searching for missing Lawrence teen

I have been in a children's home myself as a kid, I don't blame him... if I seen him I let him keep's not missing if he wants to be have no idea how those places treat kids! Good luck man, hope,you get to where your going.

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Kansas tax collections $47M short of expectations in January

I got a homestead refund last year

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Why were ticket holders turned away from Obama’s speech at KU? President was in the building

The tickets were free get over it. Why if your child was so sick and you were up all night would you take them out. A good parent would have them in bed resting, not exposing them for others to get sick.

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Lawrence leaders get behind-the-scenes look at curbside recycling program

Why didn't we get them over here in the mobile home courts? I also know other people who didn't get them either.

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The future of a new Lawrence police headquarters? Five questions

I said no too! I also live on the East side by the 4 - h fairgrounds. You think it's all about the sales tax, but that's only half of it. Police never seem to help when you need them and are always harassing the low income... yeah that's what we need higher tax so they mess with us even more!

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Lawrence Board of Realtors endorses police headquarters sales tax

Hell No! With everything going up and nobody getting a raise these days, we low income can not afford anymore increase as it is, try putting something useful on the East side if you feel the need to spend money. We don't need anymore police stations like on the west side that does nothing but give moving violations!

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