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Witness: 12-year-old struck by car in downtown Lawrence 'flew 30 feet'

what I really like you know it is where in the article Did it State where her parents were she was 12 years old shouldn't have been roaming around downtown Lawrence by herself also you're not really paying attention if you're looking at your cellphone specially if you're only four feet into the crosswalk not making excuses for the driver but there's probably a reason why he wasn't cited I think people will be driving a little bit easier if the idiots running the city of Lawrence wouldn't be closing so many streets all at once.

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Old Navy, Academy Sports, others announced as likely tenants for south of SLT retail project; Walmart Express taps Baldwin

Bring something for kids, like Chuck E Cheese's or a red lobster...i agree need more things on the east side...stop bringing in things we already have enough of.

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Despite ban, Lawrence police respond to fireworks calls over holiday

The police are worthless, they pull over to tell me no fireworks on July 3rd and are not allowed to be set off on any public roads or after 10pm even though a park ranger said I could. I asked what are these rules then...cause I'm out in the country on a dirt road, with kiddie fireworks. ..they told me, no public roads, no one's property, or city limits or after 10pm...WTF..
Some freedom! Ruin little kids having fun. I was nice enough to show I was picking up after myself and they sit in there car and wait for me to leave.

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Bigg's BBQ to open in former Buffalo Bob's space downtown; study finds Douglas County residents get best bang for the buck on taxes paid

One major thing wrong with this many closings and openings....nothing stays long here.

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As 31st Street closes, Lawrence traffic woes in full bloom; funding battle over K-10 Connector looms

First Haskell, then one lane on 23rd, then Iowa and 23rd then 31st. .. how is anyone from the east side suppose to get to the stores they need! What they needed to do was put up traffic lights at 31st and Louisiana!

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Today in Lawrence: Road closure; adopt a pet for $3

How are people who live in east Lawrence supposed to get to the stores (like walmart) in town if you literally closed all the roads to get there! I live by the 4- h fairgrounds, and you have just taped us here!

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50-year-old man dead after motorcycle crash in Reno Township

This was my friends husband,Kevin Smith, my prayers go out to his wife and children. So sorry.

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Family and friends remember LHS math teacher Debra Green

she was a great teacher, being slow as a kid it was always hard not to feel stupid, but she'd give me a hug and tell me there were no stupid people and to ask many questions as I needed. She never got stressed when I had trouble with homework. My favorite High School teacher. I'll miss you.

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Four candidates to vie for school board seats

How do people even run? Does this require them to have high education? Part of the reason is there is little info out there for people to go off of.

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Repairs under way after gas leak prompts evacuation at Kennedy School

this is actually the second time this school year that there was a leak, parents were only told a couple of hours afterwards. I checked a site on our local schools and out of a 10 Kennedy scored a 3. Very disappointing.

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