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Been there, done that.

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Texas GOP wages war on thinking

Your comment demonstrates conclusively that you don't understand outcomes-based education. The most insidious form of outcomes-based education to date has been No Child Left Behind, which I'm sure you would be loath to admit that you support. That in and of itself betrays your ignorance on this subject.

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Texas GOP wages war on thinking

And your comment is irrelevant, as usual.

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Texas GOP wages war on thinking

Since an effective system of public education would abolish schools of education altogether and require all teachers to have liberal arts degrees, your comment is part of the problem, not the solution.

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Obamacare is good for small business

Not an excellent analysis?

Dream on.

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Obamacare is good for small business

The reality is that Obamacare is only one of many facets of Obama's efforts to turn America into a European socialist state, which was his secondary goal of running for president. (His primary goal was to feed his own narcissistic ego.) What do your Daily Kos talking points tell you to say in a vain attempt to rebut that? Try googling "GM and Chrysler" for starters.

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Obamacare is good for small business

That's just your brainwashed opinion. The excellent analysis I posted (there are many such) make it quite clear that Canadians come here in droves for medical care that they can't get in Canada.

The President of the Canadian Medical Society, Anne Doig, confirmed this a few years ago when she stated that the Canadian system of socialized medicine was "imploding" and needed to look to the private system of medical care in the U.S. for guidance.

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Rumsfeld rules

Still an oxymoron.

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Texas GOP wages war on thinking

News flash to Mr. Pitts: Trying to teach what outcomes-based education apologists call "critical thinking skills" to any student who can't even read at his or her grade level or add, subtract, multiply or divide is one of the primary weaknesses within the public education system today. Pitts doesn't like what Texas is doing because Texas is a heavily Republican state, and Pitts doesn't like what that stands for.

If Pitts knew anything about public education, he would know that the implementation of programs "...which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority" is precisely what's been going on in public education systems in many parts of America for at least two decades.

"Outcomes-based education" is succinctly described as follows: We can teach anyone to dunk a basketball. All we have to do is lower the goal.

Parents, wake up.

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Closed process

"...the fact that district administrators expect school board members to review and rubber-stamp the district’s budget in one meeting is troubling."

Agreed in spades, but that's exactly what's been going on within the USD 497 Board of Education since Carl Knox retired in the mid-'80s. Spend, spend, spend, with too little money going to what directly enables kids to learn and far too much money going to administrative costs and programs that create unnecessary burdens on teachers.

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