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Tonganoxie nonprofit agrees not to use term 'Purple Heart' and will pay official organization $5,000

Check out the american institute of phylanthropys website... thays who shaun quoted in his storys. Military order of the purple heart service foundation has several fundraising companys that do telemarketing that get paid 85%. They also fired their director or someone any way for misusing 500000 in funds gave him a large severance package n then hired him back a couple years later for the same salary with a different title. Also same time frame they got caught hiding fundraising costs and skewin the numbers to try to get a better rating. I dont remember how much makes it to the cause bit they are rated an f. If you want to help vets i would suggest going to the va hospital or researching before you donate. I would like to see how they would plan to defemd their costs now that their lawyer just puplicly made those

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

Too funny buddy. Sorry but im not gruber. I appreciate your concern though. This is a forrum for people to leave their comments and gain additional insight if im not mistaken and im simply exercising my right to speach and my right to gain insight. Personaly attacking me doesnt hardly seem to be appropriate. If you dont like what i have to say then dont read it.

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

I missed your coment on here earlier shaun but thanks for the reply back... definately an interesting story here.

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

I dont have a whole to dig there if hes scamming im confident that our government officials are more than capable of taking care of it. As for me commenting on other stories well shauns got an interesting story here theres no doubt about that i just dont think its time to start hanging up the linching rope yet. Thats all. This could be the next big thing or it could be another organization thats not run right or goes down in the books as another scam. Its too bad that that books so big. It would be nice to not have to be skeptical when someone says they are trying to help someone but unfortunately thats the way it is today. Our veterans will be taken care of regaurdless. There are plenty of good options to chose from.

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

Sorry buddy but im typing from my phone and this window doesnt allow me to see all that is typed or go back n correct mispellings im sure if you look hard enough you will find plenty. Also yoh brought up a pretty good point with the website that is the only way i donate when i do because its the only way to kow your not paying a solicitor but even then everyone has to work so im not gonna look down on those that chose that as a profession. At least they are getting paid to help but i chose to do my donations directly. I also will not donate to new organizations because as shaun pointed out in his article it is hard to say whats what only time will tell on this one i just dont think its fair to call it a scam when there is obviously more we need to see here. As i said before i will make my decisions based on how the operation develops. Just a thought...

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

Donors are being solicited in case you didnt read the article and besides that im sure in these tough economic times people are not giving them thousands of dollars. I cant speak for you but i dont think a 20 is gonna give any tax advantage. And speaking of that the federal government realizes that it costs money to operate a charity so they allow the donations to be tax deductible to offset that cost for the donor. Is someone really donating to a cause if they are doing it for a tax shelter? Besides all of that in the previous story on the comments gruber posted that the fundraising company operates in indiana and not here. To bad the story is here and affecting the volunteer force he said he uses which obviously drops the bulk of the money to the bottom line. Does anyone remember shauns story on the save the kids back in june? Read the articles and compare the comments... its obvious that people are screaming scam because the company in indiana is ran by his brother... i wonder how different this would be if it was an unaffiliated company... ms styrons comments in that story were that that type of fundraising is inefficient and most charities break even at best. Direct mail returns my buiseness a 1%return and i lose money everytime but its crucial to get my buiseness in front of potential customers. Charities are the same way and his choice is netting money to the bottom line and he was able to get 60 grand to our veterens that needed help. High overhead? Definately but he said the numbers are better this year due to volunteer operation. Do we have or can we get a recap of this years operation? It would be nice to see.

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

Oh and for those of u that know how to use google look up the difference between a 501 c3 and a 501 c4 foundation. If he was intending on scammin why go c3 and file public 990 reports. Just a thought.

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Tonganoxie’s Purple Heart Veterans Foundation founder and brother have checkered pasts

I think its funny that people are so quick to pass judgement on people. You wonder why he didnt comment or isnt on here defending himself? Does it really matter you will just continue to say hes scamming n skimming like you already are. I too have done alot of research and the charities that are achieving higher percentages have grant writers and have been established. I also looked at the 990 report and its plain to see the expenses and though 11% might not be the greatest it was a first year start up. All charities were unestablished in the beginning. Oh and as far as skimming goes if its that easy to raise a half million dollars in a year that they could be skimming and you can do it with so much lower expence than why arent you? Your a nothing more than someone with something to say about something you have no knowledge of. Some people make mistakes in their life seems like he cleaned his life up but the brothers company could be a different story but still no arest someones really going to keep working for someone that assaults them? I doubt that but possible. Maybe a disgruntled employee tryin to get their way? Probably way more likely... anyone thats ever had to let someone go knows that some people will pull some uncalled for stunts. Just a thought.

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Concerns raised about overhead costs of Tonganoxie-based nonprofit Purple Heart Veterans Foundation

I think that is a good point armored one... since when did our society become so judgemental? What happened to innocent until proven guilty. It was stated that volunteers were interviewed but nothing about that in the article and gruber mentioned that the brothers company is only operating in indiana... i dont know exact advertising costs but it seems t me that an office full of employees and an advertising budget for any company would be costly. It was also stated by the article that the watchdog groups even comented that first few years expenses are high for most. Perhaps we could all agree that it seems the brother being the one fundraising is the big reason to jump to that conclusion but the math seems simple enough... would u trust just anyone with 10k a week in cash? Lets think about enron and mci worldcom... i would like to see the next report before i decide what i think. Maybe it was just a well intentioned bad decision. Just a thought.

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