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Editorial: Extra safe K-10

KDOT wanted to close the intersection after the eastern leg of the SLT was completed. There's a reason you never ever see at-grade intersections on a freeway; they're dangerous. The community in this case complained enough about the intersection being closed that KDOT tried to come up with a compromise solution. If more accidents start occurring, the community will no doubt blame KDOT, because personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

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Letter to the editor: A Trump hope

Yes, certainly, a candidate who brags about sexually assaulting women, calls Mexican-Americans rapists and drug dealers, makes fun of people with disabilities, incites violence against Muslim-Americans, threatens women with punishment for exercising their right to terminate their pregnancies, refuses to release his taxes, has stiffed so many creditors that American banks won't lend to him anymore, and who fomented a racist "birther" movement against President Obama for 5 years, is MUCH less horrible than a qualified and experienced candidate who used a private email server. Got it.

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Letter to the editor: Court smokescreen

I struggled with whether or not to vote to retain Caleb, knowing that--should he not be retained--Brownback will just appoint someone as bad or worse.

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Jeremy Farmer pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from nonprofit food pantry

He owes Lawrence an apology, but I doubt we'll get one from that lying con artist. I hope the judge does order restitution--with interest.

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Firefighters remove woman from her car after rollover accident

The input of too much steering most likely was the main factor; speed was secondary.

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Editorial: Wishful thinking

Hey, LJW,
You endorsed Brownback (way to go; good call; clearly the right decision; NOT). But now you are coming to the realization that he and his policies are bad for Kansas. Most of us knew that long before the election. Nice to see you catching up.

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Former mayor Jeremy Farmer spotted inside Missouri courthouse, says he won't comment on Lawrence events

I care. He defrauded a federal agency and left a non-profit agency on the hook for it. He should be held accountable for that. (Yes, I know the Board has ultimate fiscal responsibility. Farmer was the perpetrator, however.)
I suspect there is more that he did at the City Commission that may not rise to the level of a crime but left a trail of destruction nonetheless for others to clean up (much like the yard of his rental).
Holding him accountable and moving on do not have to be mutually exclusive. We can do both.

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Former mayor Jeremy Farmer spotted inside Missouri courthouse, says he won't comment on Lawrence events

Anyone can access the Missouri court system:
Farmer's name shows up in the docket of the case that is still ongoing, when the court issued a subpoena.

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Former mayor Jeremy Farmer spotted inside Missouri courthouse, says he won't comment on Lawrence events

What a train wreck. I feel for the next community and/or organization in his path.

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Kansas senator criticizes gay rights, foster care coverage

I'm tired of RWNJs citing "research" that is nothing of the sort. If they are truly interested in research, they would consult legitimate, peer-reviewed studies. But they aren't interested in the truth; they're just looking to have their own twisted biases confirmed.

My heart breaks for the child who was taken away from a loving home and placed with abusive people. I imagine her foster moms are heartbroken and enraged as well.

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