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Editorial: Passing the buck?

Hey, L-J World, you endorsed Brownback, despite his disastrous policies the last four years. Now you're disappointed how he's dealing with the budget shortfall? Puh-leeze.

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Pay raise for Kansas state workers still on table

You don't get the full $250 anyway, once taxes are taken out. More like $150.

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City manager offers apology on Rock Chalk matter; commissioners suggest audit

And thank you, Mr. Corliss, for a very sincere apology.

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Over 100 KU students come out to voice concerns at multicultural forum

The problem with "color blindness" is it presupposes that everyone starts on an equal playing field. That is not the case. People of color are still discriminated against; unfairly targeted and judged; convicted more often and harshly than whites for the same crimes; the list goes on, on this unequal playing field. People of color have vastly different experiences growing up and living in our society than their white peers in the same communities. Until we all start out truly having equal access to the opportunities and protections in society throughout our lives, we will need to keep having these uncomfortable conversations, to raise awareness and make changes and move forward until Dr. King's vision is truly realized.

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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

Here are some numbers that help explain this movement. It's not just about Mike Brown. It's about systemic racial profiling and injustice.
We have a long way to go to get to a "color-blind" or "post-racial" society.

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ACLU to amend gay-marriage lawsuit against Kansas

Brownback apparently doesn't mind our state continuing to be viewed by the rest of the nation as a bunch of backward bigoted yokels. History will remember one of the worst governors ever. Bankrupting our state, fighting pointless battles...

Giving same-sex married couples the same rights and benefits as opposite-sex married couples is just the right thing to do, the ethical thing to do. It harms no one.

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Supreme Court puts hold on Tuesday expiration of Kansas gay marriage ban

Peter, Thanks for continuing to report on all the cases going on regarding marriage equality in Kansas.
The hearing in the Kansas Supreme Court case, Schmidt v. Moriarty, was set for November 6, not November 4. They set a conference date of Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. for an update. They may end up continuing it again, though, because briefs in the 10th Circuit en banc review aren't due until Nov. 21, and our Supremes may want to continue to wait and see how that case plays out.

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What defunct Lawrence business do you miss the most?

Tin Pan Alley... Natural Way...

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Kansas Supreme Court delays same-sex marriage hearing

Peter, the petitioners' attorney in the Shawnee County lawsuit is attorney David Brown, not Doug Brown.

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Federal judge OKs Kansas same-sex marriage; stays order pending appeal

Peter, the plaintiffs are couples from Douglas and SEDGWICK counties, not Shawnee.

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