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Police arrest 18 protesting in Kobach's office

Most likely charged them on K.S.A. 21-5922 (interference with public business), or 21-6202 (unlawful assembly). Criminal trespass is 21-5808, and it's unlikely the protesters met the threshold for that.

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Ernst & Son Hardware Store owner remembered as family man, downtown Lawrence 'landmark'

I've always found exactly what I was looking for each time I've shopped there. Rod was such a great guy, so down-to-earth.

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Headquarters Inc. executive director resigns; no replacement announced yet

A few corrections:
1. The "statewide focus for suicide prevention in Kansas" was begun many years ago under the leadership of former executive director, Marcia Epstein; the agency became the Kansas center that answers 1-800-273-8255 calls from all across the state, and rollover calls from other states.
2. The Kansas SPRC was also established by the former executive director, Marcia Epstein, when the agency, through her efforts, won a prestigious $1.5 million grant.
I'm sure Andy did other nice things for Headquarters. But not those things.

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Republican Jim Barnett commits to LGBT nondiscrimination policy if elected governor of Kansas

"The perceived front-runner in the race is Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is known nationally for his crusades against illegal immigration AND NON-EXISTENT VOTER FRAUD WITH THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF VOTER SUPPRESSION, and who earlier this week received the endorsement of the nationally syndicated talk show host Sean Hannity." There. Fixed it for ya, LJW.

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After 22 water main breaks, city finds 13 miles of pipeline were improperly installed

Unfortunately, if the pipes were installed in the 1990's, any statute of limitations has long since expired. It sounds like the pipes were installed properly according to best engineering knowledge at the time; it was later determined that the pipes need the extra protection. If so, bringing suit might also be barred by the statute of repose.

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Longtime Lawrence retailer to open bicycle shop on south Mass Street; keep eyes open for new Asian market

Oh, I loved Terraplane! Glad to see that Mike is back in the bike business.

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Editorial: Extra safe K-10

KDOT wanted to close the intersection after the eastern leg of the SLT was completed. There's a reason you never ever see at-grade intersections on a freeway; they're dangerous. The community in this case complained enough about the intersection being closed that KDOT tried to come up with a compromise solution. If more accidents start occurring, the community will no doubt blame KDOT, because personal responsibility is a thing of the past.

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Letter to the editor: A Trump hope

Yes, certainly, a candidate who brags about sexually assaulting women, calls Mexican-Americans rapists and drug dealers, makes fun of people with disabilities, incites violence against Muslim-Americans, threatens women with punishment for exercising their right to terminate their pregnancies, refuses to release his taxes, has stiffed so many creditors that American banks won't lend to him anymore, and who fomented a racist "birther" movement against President Obama for 5 years, is MUCH less horrible than a qualified and experienced candidate who used a private email server. Got it.

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Letter to the editor: Court smokescreen

I struggled with whether or not to vote to retain Caleb, knowing that--should he not be retained--Brownback will just appoint someone as bad or worse.

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Jeremy Farmer pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from nonprofit food pantry

He owes Lawrence an apology, but I doubt we'll get one from that lying con artist. I hope the judge does order restitution--with interest.

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