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How do you prefer reading books?

"Dgitally"? Is that the new way to spell "digitally"? Come on, LJW!

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20-year-old Lawrence man receives probation in robbery case

The judge and the D.A. can only enforce existing law. And they are further constrained by the sentencing guidelines.

If you do not like the laws and/or the sentencing guidelines, then the legislators are the ones you need to yell at.

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Sound Off: When is the first KU basketball game?

Tuesday, October 30.

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Sound Off: When is the first KU basketball game?

Only when they go to the Sweet Sixteen. Otherwise, nope.

It's a shame, really. Lawrencians are missing out on watching some terrific basketball, in great seats, for a steal of a price. The LJW could do a lot better job of reporting on the games, printing photos, etc.

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Sound Off: When is the first KU basketball game?

Thanks, Romans832, you beat me to it. I also noticed that the question did not specify men's or women's team, and I was disappointed to see that the answer assumed they were asking about the men's team.

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High-speed chase ends with crash

I do understand that sometimes spelling/grammatical errors occur, but they happen with distressing frequency both in the LJW print and on-line editions. Sometimes I wonder if all the copy editors have been laid off, or whether the LJW even cares anymore.

Proper grammar and good spelling should be second nature to a journalist who has to dash off copy for breaking news. Failing that, there is good software out there now to help with grammar and spelling. There is no good excuse for some of the errors I see in the LJW every single day.

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Panel rules Obama is eligible to be on Kansas ballot

Not true! Yes, it's been a while, but Democrats have won Kansas before and it could happen again if people--especially farmers--ever come to their senses and stop voting against their own best interests.

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Are you looking forward to Kansas University students returning to Lawrence?

College students are the fizz in Lawrence's soda.

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Schlingensiepen over Eye in Democratic battle in Congressional District 2; will now face Jenkins

jjinks, I don't know what "dispises" is, but there are many Democrats who are also religious. It's just that Democrats generally don't use their religious beliefs to denigrate or oppress others who believe differently.

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Sound Off: Did anyone ever figure out what the low-flying plane over the KU campus in March was?

Well...I would say yes. For over a decade now, we've sort of had a collective fear of low-flying planes. It would be nice to have an explanation.

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