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Letter: Football waste

They gave Turner Gill two seasons before buying him out. Charlie Weis is beginning his third abysmal season. Both coaches have losing records at KU. Why does Weis get three seasons, but Gill only two? Hmm, it's a puzzler all right.

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Poll: Orman leads, with or without Taylor on the ballot

You might want to give Sam Wang a look; he's the only political analyst/predictor who got all 50 states correct in 2012.
His predictions are the ones I'll be looking at.

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KNEA sues over tenure repeal

Come on, LJW--do your homework! The reason teachers prefer the term "administrative due process rights" is because that's what it is! It is NOT the same as tenure. Due process does not prevent teachers from being fired, but does require a hearing and accountability. I realize it's easier to say "tenure," but it's not accurate. Please change the headline.

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Highberger fires campaign manager over remarks she made about opponent Hodgson

Just because you were correct in your "facts" doesn't mean you should post inflammatory remarks. You've been around politics for a while; you know what that means. And unless you purposely want to continue to damage Boog's campaign, you need to stop posting about what happened. This will blow over, and it will get better. Best to go dark for a while.

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Federal judge strikes down Kentucky's ban on gay marriage

Oh, Kansas...bested by Kentucky, again!

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Appeals court upholds same-sex marriage

The majority should be able neither to convey nor to restrict rights by a vote. Rights should not be subject to the whims of majority opinion. That's why they're called "rights."

And "open the door to polygamy"? Give me a break. They used that same argument against allowing interracial marriages too, back in the day. None of the doom-saying then has come to pass, nor will it by allowing gay people to get married now. Sheesh.

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Letter: Evil attorney?

On the contrary, divorce sends many women into poverty, not empowerment.

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How do you prefer reading books?

"Dgitally"? Is that the new way to spell "digitally"? Come on, LJW!

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20-year-old Lawrence man receives probation in robbery case

The judge and the D.A. can only enforce existing law. And they are further constrained by the sentencing guidelines.

If you do not like the laws and/or the sentencing guidelines, then the legislators are the ones you need to yell at.

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Sound Off: When is the first KU basketball game?

Tuesday, October 30.

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