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New Year New You winner inspires daughter with 100-pound weight loss

Congrats on winning, I hope this is a good start for u putting at little time for yourself, congratulations on the weight loss. Keep up the good work. 😊

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What is the perfect graduation present?

since I don't have much...
I showed up for the graduation with flowers last night at JCCC and when she comes over she will get her card and $100. I wish I could give her more.

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Would you like to see the new Lawrence Public Library building include a coffee shop in the lobby?

I think it's a good idea but the mess that it could make if not careful, spelling coffee on the books would not be good. Maybe if keep in one area so the main area would not have spills on the tables. You know that people don't clean up after themselves.

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Cathy Carley: Had the weight watchers menu, grilled jalapeno shr...

went back a couple times since then, the grilled jalapeno shrimp was not spicy at all. It was good if you don't want spicy. they need to rename it grilled shrimp. I will try 6th street to see how they make theirs.
I do not want a free nor discounted food. I just want the grilled jalapeno shrimp to be spicy as it is advertized. Tonight the shrimp did not have any spice on it not even pepper, nothing and the color proved it, it was white.

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Had the weight watchers menu, grilled jalapeno shrimp, thought it was so good that I told everyone about it and took two of my dear friend,s well the recipe did very so I brought it up to the manager and he said that he was going to make sure all the cooks cook it the same way, (that is the way it should be). Well we came back today and WOW was it good, just as it should be *spicy*. Thank you Applebee's for giving us weight watcher menu, by the way will there be a weight watcher shooter dessert in the future? Ask for Steele he is a great waiter. thank you Mr. Brad Sells for your kindness, my girlfriends and I thank you.

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Cathy Carley: I just bought my living room set at Room Makers, h...

Thank you Jess for all you have done. Was in there today and Mark, thank you for helping me again, again I will say you ROCK. He told me on these recliners you have to set in it the right way for it to stay back, (who knew) I am working on it. and Megan thank you as well for all you have done to help me in picking something out that fit my small living room.

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Daniel McCarville: I recently bought a small kitchen table and stools...

I agree, they are very nice and helpful.

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I just bought my living room set at Room Makers, how nice they were to me and promises they made. They worked real hard to help me find something that would fit in my small living room. I was looking for a couch and matching rocker/recliner and found something, the problem was that they did not have the matching recliner in the store, they had one in Topeka, I said I could go down and test it out (I needed the right fit). They said I did not have to do that, and if I did not like it, (new or from the floor in Topeka) that they would replace it with something else and if I wanted a matching living room set I could trade it off for something else (no extra charge, she said that she will put it in the note in the computer). WELL the problem is that the recliner does not stay reclined and my heal is hang off the end causing a sore, (I would NOT have bought this recliner if I would have tested it out first) so I informed them of this and they do not recall anything they promised. The assistant manager said that the sales person never informed her that I came in nor called. I looked at my sale slip and there was no special notes, and when I went there tonight she said that she did not say anything like that and there was not notes in the computer that said this. SHAME on me for believing them. ALWAYS GET THINGS IN WRITING!!! NEVER BELIEVE THE PROMISES THEY GIVE. *** There is a good thing that happened, the delivery was on time. (I was at work and my daughter was here to let them in so I cannot comment as to what all happened).*** side note: to my surprise my new furniture was hard maybe because it was new, who knew (the couch in the store was much softer). Side note, Jess the manager contacted me and is trying to work with me. Thank you!!!

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Girl’s recipe leads to lunch — and a few surprises — at White House

Sound really good, will try it today.

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