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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

Anyone want to take a guess at who is not coming back next year as Douglas County administrator?

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Justin Gonzalez found guilty of involuntary manslaughter; his attorney plans appeal

Sorry but Gonzales's life was not in jeopardy that night. He took a cheap shot with a beer bottle and killed a man. I am not at all surprised at this verdict. Doesn't matter what Sardina's history is. Moral of the story, don't do drugs, don't start fights, don't bash people in the head with beer bottles and nothing good happens at 2am in the morning after a keg party.

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Defendant Justin Gonzalez: 'I did the only thing I could have done'

I have followed this deal from day one. One of them was a customer of mine. That said I didn't know either man on a personal basis and I for sure was not in attendance for armature night with Sardina and Gonzales. I would say Sardina was in the wrong for initiating the conflict to start with. From what I gather, Sardina had his own set of problems which may have influenced him to act the way he did. Some of you have chastised Sardina for his drug use, and violent nature and I agree there is a problem there. But I challenge anyone, and I mean anyone to do a couple tours in Iraq and not come back changed for the worse. Sardina is not alone. This country has failed its veterans miserably and Sardina may very well have been one. It doesn't make him starting a fight at a party right by no means. But I think there are a lot of misguided opinions here. Right or wrong, Gonzales killed a man using force that was not necessary. Bashing Sardina over the head with a beer bottle is not the only thing he could have done. What he should have done was called the cops and at the very most tried to restrain or break up the fight. Heat of the moment or not, protecting your friend or not Gonzales took a cheap shot and it lead to a young mans death. That's the bottom line. Do I think he should do a hard 40. No, but I don't think he should walk free either. I am quite certain he was every bit as much under the influence as Sardina. The whole story is tragic. You have a young man who survived multiple tours in a hellish war zone only to be killed in what amounts to a bar room brawl. Gonzales is facing jail time and will have to live with the fact that he killed a man over what will amount to nothing for the rest of his life. Gonzales used poor judgment and is guilty of what he is charged with. The Autopsy results are clear. Doesn't matter if Sardina had drugs in his system. Self defense doesn't work, because Gonzales wasn't defending himself. He took it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner. If anything, Gonzales poured fuel on the fire. Moral of the story is, don't do drugs and nothing good happens at 2 am in the morning after a long night of pounding beers.

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Ottawa El Mezcal manager charged with immigration violations

Question. What makes the business practices of the Ottawa El Mezcal any different from any other Mexican restaurant?

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What is your favorite part of being a U.S. citizen?

owning a gun

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Kansas attorney general joins NRA, 21 other states in challenge of federal handgun restriction

Old enough to take a bullet in the back for weapons of mass destruction that were never found. Old enough to throw live hand grenades, shoot machine guns, snipe enemy soldiers from a 1000 yards away, drive tanks, and so on. But your not old enough to drink or legally purchase a handgun.

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City proposing $30 increase in speeding fine

Court costs is the biggest sham I have heard of. Most people mail in or just pay the ticket with out contesting it. You can't tell me it costs 30-60 dollars for a desk clerk to enter the payment and note that the fine was paid into the computer. What am I saying, everything at the courthouse is a rip off.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

I would be more worried about the insects that live in those couches than I would be them burning down.

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Missouri Tiger bar plans to celebrate anniversary of Quantrill's Raid

Why does it matter. Its pretty pathetic that you would categorize almost 1/3rd of the country as racist based on where they live.

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