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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

They do have vehicles like that. Only difference is they have to build it themselves out of their own body armor meant for their bodies.

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Photos | Two-alarm fire damages Lawrence Burger King

Those burger fires can get out of hand in a hurry.

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Indian tribe hasn't yet filed federal paperwork to develop North Lawrence property

Who owned the land prior to 1860, better yet, who owned the land prior to 1800? Who owned it before Lawrence was ever thought of? Water run off issues, really? Farm ground? Who is farming it now or was farming it before the Delaware bought it? Crime? Do you read this paper on a regular basis? I hardly think a Casino is going to create such a large amount of crime in Lawrence that you will be able to tell a noticeable difference. I bet your not near as sick about their greed as they are about losing their culture, way of life and nearly being driven to extinction. Personally I wouldn't build a Casino there. I would leave the land the way it is and not doing anything with it. But I could really care less what they do with it. Not my problem.

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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

They used pure and methamphetamine in the same sentence. Trust me folks, there is nothing pure about this drug. Might as well snort a big line of drano, battery acid, and lighter fluid.

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Indian tribe hasn't yet filed federal paperwork to develop North Lawrence property

What difference does it make what they do with the land? They bought it, its their land, land they probably had stolen from them to start with and if it wasn't stolen from them, it was probably stolen from another tribe. So what if they want a casino. After a couple hundred years of lies, rape, and murder, they might as well return the favor for Lawrence's most elite by taking their money.

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Lawrence businesses prepping for the coming surge of students

KU Students; Keeping body shops alive for over 75 years.

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Area wheat harvest a successful one

Not out of the woods just yet. We need some rain or the corn and beans will go to pot soon

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Trademark protection a constant concern for KU

Only one word can accurately describe KU and that is; pompous. Pretty pathetic they spend their time haggling and harassing small organizations and businesses who's only intent is to show support for the very organization that is trying to run them into the ground.

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