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City getting vigilant about illegally parked bikes; more bike corrals on the way

This is a joke. The tweekers sitting around scratching up spare change for their next dime sack every day and night bother me way more than someone's bike locked to a tree. Long as the bike is not in the way, I don't see what the problem is. I have never seen a bike parked down town that was parked in a way to obstruct traffic, walking, block signage, or anything else. How do you get 400 parking areas and 3 corals? That's too many bikes together. I would rather climb a constatina wire covered fence than sort that out. That and I am not about to park a $1500 bike in a parking stall with more than a handful of other bikes. Much more than that and your asking for broken and missing parts.

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Police investigating death of Lawrence nurse

Stacy, what difference does it make what kind of nurse she was? Have you done any tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat medic? Show some respect rather than pick apart a news article and subsequently downgrading a deceased persons legacy.

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State's STAR bonds legislation needs thorough 'vetting,' state senator says

I don't go to Clinton Lake much and don't really have a dog in this fight. If anything I ride my bike or occasionally go for a walk out that way on lunch break. But I find it troubling that they are labeling this proposed project an "outdoor activity" center as if Clinton Lake is lacking in outdoor activities. Is Clinton Lake so bad that you have to add an eye sore like this? Clinton Lake has hiking, mountain biking, road biking, fishing, recreational boating, tubing, water skiing, kayaking, hunting, primitive camping, camping with amenities for RV's, shower houses, cabin rentals, horse back riding, golfing, disc golf, places to walk your dogs, bird watching, and many other things to do. Its a sad day when you have add a water/theme park like this to state and federal parks and land to attract visitors and who is to say Clinton Lake is lacking in visitors. I always see people out there. People who go to Clinton Lake don't go because they want to be around that sort of thing. They go because they want to escape it. This is nothing more than a get rich quick scheme and the true cost is defacing what is already there for people who enjoy the outdoors. Sad.

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Lawrence transit to provide free rides on election day

It is important and it is a fundamental right. But how are people supposed to take this election seriously? The whole thing has become a circus show of personal insults, lies and corruption. At least in years past we had candidates that at least acted like they knew what was going on and made an honest attempt at hiding the truth while most people couldn't tell any different. Now we are down to two imbeciles who have made complete fools of themselves and this country. I am predicting a record low voter turn out.

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Haskell faculty, students call Washington Redskins poll results 'crazy'

What if they just replaced the current logo on the helmet with a redskin potato instead? Would that still be racist? Just asking because I'm not so sure anymore.

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Menards project to build new distribution center, manufacturing plant in Lawrence is indefinitely delayed

I like the new Lawrence Menards. Since I have been working on the house I go to both Home Depot and Menards. Both are great stores with great employees. Kind of senseless to have them right next door to each other but whatever. As far as Menards rebates, I have gotten several rebates and have never been ripped off as some here claim that they have. The Lawrence Menards employees are always very courteous and one gentleman working the back yard saw my ARMY t shirt and asked if I had served. Told him yes and he thanked me for my service. That doesn't happen very often. Even though my time was short only a couple years, I appreciated it . Don't know what Menards you guys have been shopping at, but the one in Lawrence has been good to me.

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Property owners need to start paying for sidewalk repair, city manager says

What if you just remove the side walk? Seems only fair. If you have to pay for it, you should own it. I would just take it out and plant grass. Kills two birds with one stone, no maintenance, and no shoveling. Take the slabs around back of the house and make a patio. If you don't own it, take it out and drop it off at the street department so they can re-install it somewhere else.

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Plans filed for nearly 2,000 new apartments near South Lawrence Trafficway; several hundred single-family homes may follow

Right next to the state park. That will be nice to look at while camping and enjoying the outdoors. Should be cheap rent too

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Black Lives Matter founder challenges KU students to become involved

Hey, did you guys here about the sale at Menard's?

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Trial delayed for quadruple murder in Kansas

This is ridiculous. Takes 3 years to put away a guy guilty as sin who already previously shot someone and has had a long history of run ins with the law. I bet the 4 souls who are no longer here wish they had gotten an extra 3 years of life.

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