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Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

Obviously the solution to this problem is to eradicate ALL GUNS, right? Makes total sense. Just like how making drugs illegal totally wiped them off the grid.

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Police cite driver suspected in downtown accident with cyclists

It says they were struck while the car was turning which indicates the cyclists may have been crossing the street so don't assume the cyclists were negligent. Unbelievable that people are siding with a speeding hit and run driver.

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KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

This ban would really only support people who think their opinions should be pushed onto everyone else. It doesn't protect the health of nonsmokers and the argument that it promotes smoking cessation is ridiculous. It is forcing something that should be a choice. If nicotine is banned, so then should caffeine, saturated fat, high fructose corn syrup and fluoridated water. All things scientifically proven to do harm to the body as well and/or become addictive. Also, if smokeless tobacco is banned, then are nicotine patches as well, since those contain nicotine?

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Gay rights advocate has quarantine concerns over proposed changes in infectious disease law

Is this bill proposing the quarantine of all people with AIDS and HIV to their homes or is it related to hospitals/emergency situations only? I can't imagine the reasoning behind this since the disease is only spread through blood and bodily fluids ... If they want to protect emergency personnel then pass a requirement that they wear or carry some sort of identification that shows they have the disease, like people with diabetes do (obviously for the patients protection in that case but still).

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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

Actually it sounds like both are at fault. She was crossing a busy street in the middle of the block and he was turning left, crossing traffic to merge with other traffic, which means he failed to notice the road wasn't clear when he turned. You should never drive your car onto a road assuming it is clear. And you should never cross a busy street in the middle of a block.

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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

Technically she is at fault since she wasn't using a crosswalk. Doesn't matter if she was getting off the bus unless she is a child getting off a school bus. But everyone pushes their luck I guess. Hope she makes a full recovery.

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Woman injured after being struck by vehicle on 23rd Street

I saw this accident just after it happened. He was lying in the turn lane in front of a van or SUV like he had been waiting to cross and someone wasn't paying attention when they went to turn or he stepped out in front of the car. Either way I hope he'll be alright. Sending positive energy his way.

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Do you think giving to charity during the holiday season is important?

What's in it for you, Eddie Haskell? Really?

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