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What store, if any, is downtown lacking?

Chic-fil-a or a place that specializes in hot dogs!!

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How high could KU go?

I concur. 7th or 8th seems about right. Definitely not 10th.

February 28, 2009 at 7:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

ID theft scam circulating via text message

Yep I got this text last night as well and I live In Kansas City!!!!

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State considering changing laws on open containers at festivals

No matter what, you are not allowed to walk around Mass St. whether it is for St. Pattys day or the Final Four with an open container whether its in a bottle, can or cup. The Cups were allowed on Mass St. to help prevent broken glass, or bottles to be used as weapons and to help make it easier to clean up and make it safer for the student body and families to enjoy the National Title. As far as i am concerned i think it worked out great and caused no problems. And props to the Officers, they did a hell of a job!!!

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KU chant options narrowed to two

I think it is funny how they took the Highest one voted that was submitted by the students and the highest one voted that was submitted by the staff. The reason these were the first and second highest was cause they conveniently Excluded the one that had the highest voting which was "all of these make me want to rip my head off!" which had 641 votes which was 55% of the votes. Way to go KANSAN nice try sneaking that one by us.

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Student newspaper offers options to obscene chant at KU football games

How about "fight, Win, Kick A__!!!" or "Beak'em Hawks!!" just suggestions, but i still like the one that is currently being used.

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Student newspaper offers options to obscene chant at KU football games

I think I just ripped my head off HA HA HA HA

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New court papers claim Sherron Collins should have been aware of lawsuit

All this lady wants is money. That is usually what its all about. The Entire Student body is behind you 110% Sherron!!!

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City weighs futures of Last Call, downtown

Last Call is ridiculous!! Since when can a bar in downtown Lawrence be a "BYOB" bar and allow a 15 yr old in. As far as I am concerned the owners are running an establishment that is detrimental to the city of Lawrence and the families visiting or thinking about their kids going to school here. Also who knows what kind of crime is going on inside the Bar. I wouldn't be surprised if there are Drugs being sold and used. Anyhow shut the damn Bar down. To many people have been shot and Killed. And before you know it, a Lawrence Police officer might be next which would be extremely sad.

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