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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

What a waste of time and taxpayer funds to keep these three dolts employed.

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TV coverage of NeXt All-Star game canceled

he committed to KU

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Great Barbeque!

Leroy's in Pomona, KS

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‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ coming to Lawrence's Free State Brewery; Owner Chuck Magerl responds to questions

She and her show have been in Topeka and Wichita all week. So I guess she does have the "guts" as you call it.

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Colorado AD Mike Bohn asks for 'better behavior' from students

"F*** you K U" has the chant I heard on tv.

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Budget cuts may ground KU planes

labmonkey -Read the article again. It clearly states that all departments pay for their own trips. KU Athletics is an independent corporation that is independent from all other parts of the University of Kansas. They have their own budget, raise their own money, etc which also means they pay for the use of the planes with their own budget money. It is not at the expense of any KU students education for KU Athletics to use those planes.

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KU, Joe-College face new battle in lengthy legal contest

somebodynew -To make it worse, the prosecutor from Atlanta representing KU is a North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduate. Nice work big Lew!

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Harsh winter, harsh penalties

How does someone named "Boog" gets elected to public office? Does he have nothing better to do in his elected position in the face of major economic distress? Is there nothing more pressing on the agenda of the city commission? Embarrassing!

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Two receive minor injuries in rollover accident

Love the facts you have presented IGBY

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