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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Why is America so violent? Why are people shooting, stabbing, beating, and stealing from each other? We're so focused on the inanimate gun, knife, or club instead the reasons a person would use them on their fellow human. Time for our government to start addressing "root" causes instead of spending so much on after the fact issues.

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Advocates from both sides of gun control debate discuss with community

Time to get over the fixation of an inanimate object(guns) and recognize that America has a violence problem. Maybe if our government started addressing the why instead of the what, things might get better in this country. Time to reevaluate our failed war on drugs, reducing drug related violence. Not saying all violence is drug related, but if we could reduce the crime linked to the buying and selling of drugs we'd put a big dent in violent crime in this country.

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Have you noticed a bad taste in the city's water?

Been tasting it for about 3 weeks, JoCo is also having a taste from their river treatment plant. Wonder if Topeka is having a problem, they are above the influence of our new lake Bowersock.

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Letter: Gun access

Sounds like a great deer rifle. With interchangeable uppers, the AR platform is the most versatile hunting rifle ever produced.

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Letter: Gun access

Start teaching firearm safety in the schools. Use this as a tool to identify those individuals who should not be allowed to own a firearm. The sooner potential problems are identified, the better chance we have of defusing a pontetial problem. Doubt this would ever fly, but think education and problem identification is a better long term solution than banning.

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Lawrence gathering information about costs to fix taste, odor problems with drinking water

Scare tactic.......must be Utility upper management wanting a new toy.

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

PM me a phone # and I'll give you a call.

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

Been hunting my Mountian Cur pup(squirrel dog) a lot on Clinton Public and have found the remains of at least 9 deer in the last 3 weeks. Pup may not be much of a squirrel dog yet, but he can sure find dead things to roll in.......yeah!!

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Editorial: Water issue

The Kaw plant ran fine all summer,even with the boards down and no water going over the dam. No doubt the Kaw plant needs to keep running, but Bowersock holding a pool is not needed to meet plant demands.

My guess is that WaterOne could have issues at their intake if Bowersock holds back to much water to fill the pool. The Corp. is maintianing downstream flow and still allowing for the pool to fill by increasing their releases. WaterOne is part of the assurance district and probably asked for river levels to be maintained.

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Editorial: Water issue

Bowersock dam and the upstream pool have been down for over a year, but the water plant has had no issue getting water into the plant(including max flow). The need for pool management by Bowsock is a disproven myth.

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