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City prepares to close deal on Santa Fe depot; restoration set to begin soon

80% Federal Transportation Enhancement grant administered by KDOT. Other 20% from the City of Lawrence.

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9-year-old girl seriously injured after being hit by SUV near 23rd and Massachusetts

Cars can hurt other cars but pedestrians can't hurt cars. Maybe that's why drivers only look for other cars, but not for pedestrians.

What can we do as pedestrians to get drivers' attention?

Some intersections post that no right hand turns are permitted when pedestrians are poised to cross.

That intersection at 23rd & Mass needs to be redesigned so that there are fewer conflict points. Hopefully our new Transportation Commission will get to work quickly to improve pedestrian safety. They could study guides like this

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City nixes transit hub at 21st and Stewart; contracts for train depot approved

Toni Wheeler, City of Lawrence Attorney, was unable to attend this meeting. The discussion about liabilities would have been much different had she been there. Toni would have allayed Mayor Farmer's concerns. She will send a memo to the CC about this issue upon her return.

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City nixes transit hub at 21st and Stewart; contracts for train depot approved

Peter Hancock writes of the depot: " The city has already been awarded a $1.2 million federal grant through the Kansas Department of Transportation..." This is true. He goes on to write "... and private groups have raised additional matching money needed to complete the project." This is not true. The City’s match was budgeted and planned for the 2014 capital improvements program. Funds for the match were encumbered for the project in 2014. No private groups were the source of the match.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Meeting about Gaslight Village development tonight; More apartments slated for NW Lawrence; Eudora sand pit proposal heating up again; depot to host dedication ceremony Saturday

Actually, the money used by Amtrak to build the platform was NOT ARRA money. Amtrak has been setting a little of the little subsidy money they get to bring station stops up to ADA compliance. What is of interest is that they chose the Lawrence station for this upgrading at this time...Why?

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Backyard caboose a 'mini museum'

And you can take the train to get to this train museum. Amtrak's SW Chief will get you there by 7 a.m. You can tour this cool little train museum in Garden City, reboard the train after a late dinner in GC, claim your sleeper and be back in Lawrence by 6 the next morning. FUN!

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Amtrak station’s missing sign found, returned

The new sign Amtrak will install on the south side of the depot, facing downtown, will NOT say LAWRENCE. Enough already with identifying the station stop. It will say...AMTRAK. That Amtrak stops in Lawrence will be news to many.

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Where can I see the ReRide on Thursday?

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City depot gets extra bit of love during National Train Day

Thanks for your appreciation. I'm glad you and the kids had fun. Go to for a few images of the events.

I wish we had the resources to pay for advertising. Advertising is very expensive and few not for profit groups can afford it. But the Lawrence Journal World did give us a nod with this article last week:

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Musicians to liven up overnight layovers at Santa Fe Depot

Dear frisbeenation (Anonymous),

Go to for more information about volunteering as a musician for the "On Time Performances" concert series or for work to restore and maintain the depot.

We must limit musicians to acoustic instruments due to the surrounds of the depot. It is located in a sleepy, quiet neighborhood which we want to respect.

I can be reached at or on my home phone at 785-842-6517.

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