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Double Take: Advanced placement not always helpful

That is such a GREAT column! I hope many educators and parents read it!

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Opinion: Don’t trade freedom for ‘safety’

What a great column!

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Should residents or businesses who use too much water be fined?

In our community, in Utah, there is a higher charge for extra water usage beyond a basic level--that is perfectly reasonable and obviously worth it to some users who need more. I suppose if the amount of City water available is so limited that such a practice is not going to solve the problem, then a fine might be in order; otherwise, it sounds too punitive.

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What is important to you in a church service?

A good. thoughtful sermon. Most church services anymore just seem to be "social clubs" where you see good friends and are entertained (sometimes)with relatively modern music (and very few of the traditional hymns). I would prefer a more silent, reverential setting but in my community, that doesn't seem to be available.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Great letter--so many good points covered!

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Would you support a sales tax increase to fund a police facilities upgrade?

How ironic that the lead story about raising taxes for police services would be followed by four articles about items stolen, etc.! I am always amazed by how much of that petty crime is happening in Lawrence. I realize it is happening everywhere but would like to know if the perpetrators in Lawrence are EVER apprehended? I hope the Lawrence police are doing their best to minimize--and SOLVE--those crimes. If not, I would certainly vote against any tax increase if I were a Lawrence resident.

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Go Green: Pressure cooker a worthwhile investment

A slow cooker serves an opposite purpose from a pressure cooker so both are very useful. I seldom use my microwave for cooking foods--just for warming up leftovers, etc.--as I am not pleased with the results when cooking with one. Nor do I use mine for defrosting, except in an emergency, as the thawing is usually "uneven" and meats are partially cooked in spots. I have found all three items handy for very different reasons.

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Go Green: Pressure cooker a worthwhile investment

I received a 4-quart pressure cooker from my parents back in 1969 when my husband and I first moved to a fairly high altitude. I have used it faithfully over the years. I would have to disagree with the idea that food cooked in it has a better flavor. I don't think that is true of some things, like meats, though it certainly applies to beans. I use mine most frequently for fresh and frozen vegetables, which just take a few minutes to cook. I finally had to replace my good original Presto cast aluminum one with a newer one from Presto and it is not nearly as satisfactory, but better than nothing.

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Double Take: Importance of 'the college experience'

An interesting column this time. My college experience including living at home while attending an excellent junior college for a year and a half in CA in the late 50s (at that time CA's junior colleges provided free buses to take us to the college, which was just 30 miles away) and for a brief period at KU when my parents lived in Lawrence. I also finished up at KU after my parents moved back to CA. But even when they lived in Lawrence, I lived in a boarding house and was able to be independent of/from them. Since I paid my essentially ALL of my college costs by working part-time at the Student Union cafeteria (obviously tuition costs, etc., were not at the unbelievable level they are today), it was not a matter of my parents footing the bill.

I can't stress enough how important it is NOT to be living at home when you are in college--that experience is as significant (or more so) as the academic benefits of going to college, I did not find it difficult to be and feel independent even when my parents were in the same town--I went home sometimes for Sunday dinner, etc. but was able to live my own life. Of course, my parents were instrumental in bringing me up to BE independent and neither intruded upon that nor reacted as if I were neglecting them, so I was fortunate in that regard. I realize so much depends upon the personalities, so it is somewhat foolish to generalize. It is nice that the young person concerned doesn't have to worry about the costs of out-of-state tuition if he/she DOES make that choice, but you certainly can't beat the quality of education that KU offers.

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What’s the strangest animal behavior you’ve witnessed?

I saw a dog mating with a cat many years ago. Is that unusual? It surely seemed so, to me. The cat didn't seem to be objecting in the least.

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