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West Lawrence fun center plans on hold again as neighbors speak out; the big question looming for city's rental licensing program

Seriously?...... We finally have the opportunity to have something for kids under the age of 21 and it is an issue because it is too near schools? Once again a product of overthinking. Good gosh Lawrence lighten up!

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Vacant Sears building sold; plans at City Hall suggest Dick's Sporting Goods on the way

WooHoo!! Now I don't have to go to Topeka or Kansas City for my daughter's sports needs. Thank goodness!!! Guys aren't the only ones that play sports.....just FYI

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Silpada founders buy company back from Avon

Yes it is sterling silver. It is not plated. All of the items are guaranteed. If it breaks or falls apart you can exchange or replace it with something similar. I have numorous pieces and have had issues with some and just contacted my rep and it was replaced within a week. Love their jewelry and in fact get most of my items free or extremely discounted by having parties.

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Free State softball v. Lawrence High

Really too bad that there are not more pics of the Free State girls because it was there senior night last night......

By the way....LHS Softball Senior night is Wednesday.

Free State JV host LHS today at 3:30pm at Free State. It is their last game of the season. It was move up from 4:15pm.

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Two Topeka residents injured in accident north of Lawrence

(I thought it was funny.....)

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Sound Off: I have a neighbor who likes to sunbathe naked in his backyard. Is this legal?

Um, so, where exactly do you live? I mean, you might need a second, third, fourth.....opinion. Purely for research.

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Town Talk: Former Gaslight spot in N. Lawrence to get new life, and bikes for rent; Wall St. Journal speculates Knology looking for buyer; former Rod's Hallmark going out of business

Chad please find out why the store Obsessions closed so suddenly. I was just shopping there and they were talking about all the new springs stuff in the back they were getting ready to put out!!! I loved that store. They are already scraping the name of the front glass. What gives???

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Ticket case’s legal aspects unclear

The way I see it....after all of these comments, some good, some not so good, is one of the many reasons that they have NOT disclosed the names of the officers is because it looks to me that they have already been convicted and NONE OF US has any more information then this article does. Two sides to EVERY story and we have only seen very little if any information on only one side so far..........

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Parents urged to keep eye on kids’ Facebook accounts

He is NOT 13 years old and should not have an account anyway. My children were NOT and are not allowed to have an account unless they meet the age requirements and they are required to use MY email address for signing in that way all posts go to my email and I can see them on a daily basis!!

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