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Obama shows hostility to business

The writer misquoted the President of the United State. Felt the need to critique and voice my opinion without jeopardizing my desire to remain anonymous.

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Obama shows hostility to business

You can exclude $250,000 of the gain if it is your main home and you lived there for two years. Contributions to individual retirement accounts (IRA) and 401k's are tax deductible. Contributions to Roth IRA's are not tax deductible, but withdraws are.

I do see your point about double taxation. This is the main argument for the lower rate at 15%

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Obama shows hostility to business

I do agree. You hit the underlying problem. Over a period of decades, thru Republican and Democratic administrations, our economy has shifted toward a service sector economy. And over the last decade, even many of our service sector jobs are being outsourced.

I don't see either party adressing this issue in a meaningful way. I don't believe extending the Bush tax cuts one more time is going to do the trick either. I side with President Obama and the Democrats largely because I they offer the better measures while we solve this underlying problem.

Until we address keeping jobs here and protecting our industry, we are continuing down the same path. It may mean buying USA and staying away from places like WalMart which to me is much akin to the Company store. It may be time to sacrifice cheap plastic stuff in support of industry that makes stuff here at home.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Only 3% of small business have net income > 250K. Even at that, the impact would be minimal because the tax increase applies only to income above $250k. We are talking $3,000 for every $100,000 earned.

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Obama shows hostility to business

President Obama negotiated a payroll tax reduction when he extended the Bush tax cuts in 2010. Hostile? The stimulus, no matter how flawed, helped small business and suppliers. Hostile? The Auto bailout helped dealerships and suppliers. The extension of unemployment benefits helped small business because it is helping many pay their monthly bills and patronize small business locally.

The President has also voiced enthusiasm for renewable energy initiatives, for repairing our infrastructure which is good for local and national mfg. This does not seem hostile to small business.

The only thing I saw, that I might take exception to is the penalty for employers with > 50 employees who do not offer a health plan. I am not quite in agreement on this, but still do not consider it hostile considering the credits small employers will also receive.

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Obama shows hostility to business

In fact, in a sluggish economy, earned income tends to get circulated in the economy more quickly. This is the money that pays the rent, grocery bill, etc.

I have long believed that Capital Gain income should be treated the same as earned income.

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Obama shows hostility to business

....It is money that is being put to work in the economy."

Not necessarily and not any more than earned income. Your capital gain could be invested in a stock with a company that is holding onto the cash. Currently, many companies have large cash reserves and are not investing it back out by acquiring property plant and equipment, etc. The money might not necessarily be in a US bank or it couldbe used for the investment of a GM plant in China for instance.

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Obama shows hostility to business

"As to jobs, do you really think in this day and age anyone would loose a job for an opinion?"

Let me answer your question by saying I don't know. But I can tell you one thing, in my 20 years of working, I can count the # of people who had political bumper stickers on one hand. It is a well fact that in the workplace, it is unwise to publicize your affiliation.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Anonymity is important to workers. We owe our work to our employers. We do not owe them the knowledge of our political beliefs.

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Obama shows hostility to business

We vote anonymously, behind a curtain and in a booth, and rightly have no fear of reprisal for the oval circle we choose to fill in. Similarly, as citizens, we should have the right to argue the truth (or falsehood) of what politicians, journalists, and others say without fear of reprisal.

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