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Facebook page concerns parents of Lawrence High students

Anyone with a Facebook page can report this to Facebook. Having a profile that is not a real person is in violation of Facebook guidelines and policies. This purpose of this profile would also fall under the anti bullying policies and could be reported as bullying.

To report: go to the Lawrence HS Halls profile, click on the down arrow icon (next to Message and * ), click on Report/Block.

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Inspection results of Lawrence restaurants

El Matador had zero violations and is locally owned - owned by the same family as when it opened in the 50s. I believe it's the oldest restaurant in Lawrence - can't think of any that has been open longer.

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County bans fireworks on public land

I'm not an expert on this. But, if there is an increased threat of wildfire due to the hot and dry weather conditions, this kind of ban is worthless to us. We live at the edge of Lawrence right next to county homes. Thankfully, our neighbors in the county are fairly responsible and considerate.

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Have you spotted a bear recently in Douglas County?

One winter, a Scottish Highlander bull roamed in our backyard and our neighbors' yards for about a month. We called the police and animal control, but they couldn't catch it. I remember one police officer tried to catch it by calling, "here cow, cow, cow, here cow"! It was pretty funny watching that bull run away from the officer (he was obviously a city policed officer). Later, an officer showed up with some feed to try to catch it. But, Scottish Hoghlanders are pretty skittish. We eventually called some friends who had cattle in an area just outside Lawrence for advice. They came on horseback and lassoed it. We never quite figured out where the bull came from. We think he possibly followed the railroad tracks and cut off at some point into our neighborhood. He was fun entertainment for a few weeks!

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Voters will see big changes from new redistricting plan

I have also email and called Rep. Anthony Brown many many times. We have invited him to countless events in his district to come and speak with his constituents in Eudora. He has never returned any calls, emails, or invitations. It seems he has no interest in representing his district. It seems he is only interested in representing himself and Gov. Brownback.

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Enrollment increase, money management have enabled school budget reversal

What about restoration of the cuts to Parents as Teachers?

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Lender seeks ownership of athletic club

I can not speak for others. But, I can say that I taught fitness classes at LAC for over 5 years. Rick and Shannon Sells were very fair to me. They treated me with kindness and respect. And, were very supportive with my family through illness and loss of my parents. If LAC closes, there will be a large void in the community. This is the only fitness club that provides a pool and is Co-Ed.

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Kansas Democratic Party leader says Obama will visit Osawatomie next week

I may be A "liberal....... (all the negative names the unproductive LJ World Bloggers call bloggers who are Democrats)". Mostly, I'm so excited for this once in a lifetime experience of seeing the Prsident of the United States in my home state!

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Mandatory reporting of child abuse is obligation not to be taken lightly

Kansas child abuse reporting law (K.S.A. 38-2223) states mandated reporters include: teachers, school administrators or other employees of an educational institution which the child is attending. If children attend a sports camp sponsored by the university, then the instructors and employees at that camp are mandated reporters. I believe there are many sports camps that children attend at KU. In addition, the university also houses preschools and day care. Those teachers and employees are mandated reporters. Moreover, any person witnessing a crime is required by law to report that crime to law enforcement. (Sorry, I don't have the specifics on that law - pretty much common sense anyway). Here's the link to the the Guide to Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in Kansas:

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Lawrence man finds debris from Reading tornado in backyard

We found a canceled check from Reading in our backyard. We live on Riverside, just off North Michigan. There must have been a lot of checks flying around!

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