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More than a decade after a citywide ban, fireworks still making noise in Lawrence

Many moons ago, the fireworks display was held on campus in the football stadium. When Clinton Lake was finished, there was a fireworks display at the dedication. That was a great show! Much more visible from all over! Maybe if the resort at Clinton Lake is developed, the display will move out there? We stayed home this year, set our lawn chairs out on the sidewalk, and watched multiple shows: legal from the county and illegal in our city neighborhood. Huge displays and tons of money up in smoke.

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Gov. Brownback says he'll attend President Obama's event in Lawrence if he's invited

He's not coming. The White House just announced it. Dang.

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Questions abound about Obama's KU visit

He's not coming. The White House just announced it. Dang.

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Massive undertaking aims to transform Lawrence from artsy to ArtPlace

Although meant as a dig (I'm sure), I love it - especially the seceding part! It Lawrence seceded from Kansas, Brownback would have to worry about praying for us any more. And, Lawrencians could stop being embarrassed if their state.

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Brownback urges Kansans to report school inefficiencies

I totally agree! Since Brownback has been in office, I have spent countless hours doing this exact thing: justifying the importance of our state funded education program that impacts close to 20,000 children in Kansas. It causes a great deal of stress for our staff and takes time away from providing direct service (classroom time). Now, didn't Brownback say he wants more time dedicated the classroom?

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Ozawkie man, 43, identifed as victim in fatality accident

ABC provides a course for establishments that have a liquor license and for their servers. In the course, ABC provides information about the laws, penalties and fines for breaking the laws, how to check drivers licenses for legal age and authenticity, and how to determine if someone is intoxicated. My impression after taking the course was that the laws are very loosely enforced and not taken seriously by many establishments or servers. The laws are hard to enforce. This is only my opinion. I posted the website information not to place blame, but to inform. I think many people are very unaware of what the laws are in Kansas regarding the serving of alcohol.

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Ozawkie man, 43, identifed as victim in fatality accident

According to Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control, it is illegal to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person. Servers face stiff fines for serving more drinks than the law allows. In addition, bartenders are only allowed to serve 3 - 4 drinks per hour to one person (depending on the person's size and weight). In other words, yes, the drinking establishment can be held liable for serving too much alcohol to one person. For more information:

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Boy Scouts helped child molesters cover their tracks, files show

Very sad and distressing occurrences of the past. BSA should take responsibility for their actions that contributed to the atrocities. However, parents of scouts should be reassured that BSA has taken action to prevent further abuse. Adult Scout Leaders are well trained in chid abuse prevention. As a Scout Leader, I am never alone with a boy. Before joining a troop, parents should ask the leadership how they ensure 2-Deep Leadership. When joining a troop, parents are encourage to be actively involved with the troop and become a trained leader. Parents of scouts should get to know the adult leaders. If a parent does not trust the adult leadership, they should find another troop. There are many great Boy Scout Troops with caring, capable, and trusted adult leadership. And, parents should look for a troop where the scouts are actively involved with the leadership. Ultimately, it's the boys who should run the troop. If the adults are running all aspects of the troop, they are too involved.

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40 years ago: Thousands of young musicians to fill KU stadium on Band Day

I have wonderful memories of bus loads and bus loads of marching band members unloading in front of our house on Tennessee Street. We would wake up to the sounds of the busses arriving. Bands filled 2 - 3 blocks of Tennessee and Kentucky and all through the park. The parade lasted what seemed like forever!

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Facebook page concerns parents of Lawrence High students

Anyone with a Facebook page can report this to Facebook. Having a profile that is not a real person is in violation of Facebook guidelines and policies. This purpose of this profile would also fall under the anti bullying policies and could be reported as bullying.

To report: go to the Lawrence HS Halls profile, click on the down arrow icon (next to Message and * ), click on Report/Block.

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