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Kristen Samp says: an insider’s look at LCC

I'm with Babboy. I grew up playing LCC and most of the holes are the same, generally, even after the remodel with the lake, etc. It was fun to read each spec on the holes. I agree totally with the assessment. What a great track. The Alvamar kids always HATED to come to LCC where they would be humbled quite nicely...

Good article!

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Bucks’ Drew Gooden ejected

NO EASY LAYUPS. NONE. This is a Jayhawk mantra. I didn't see the play but Drew is NOT a dirty player. I don't think he's ever been booted before.

See you in Sacramento on January 5th, Drew! We'll have some BBQ for you.

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Switching it up: Kande confident in change from safety to linebacker

Are you kidding me? He will be eaten alive and my guess is he will be hurt within the first 2 games. Use his speed and athleticism elswhere. 5-11 and 190 ain't enough at LHS or Free State, let alone the Big 12. I bet he can't bench 275 (once). Look at his skinny arms. This is a big mistake and something Terry Allen might do. Turner, you are scaring me...

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Recruit Jamari Traylor picks Kansas

I take it from the post that DR doesn't mean a real doctor. Mayb a chiropractor? If KU signs a kid then you gotta believe!

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Bill Self not interested in coaching in NBA right now

jhawkinsf: I take it you are from N. Cal too...

I agree but when Bill said that 2/3rds of the NBA jobs out there are inferior, it means that 10 jobs approximately are better than his gig. I agree. LA is probably the top job in the league and there is an opening there. I hope he stays forever but again, a huge opportunity to coach Kobe would be one think hard about. Then, Turg would have to come and bail on Maryland before he even starts! Or Danny could step in. KU will always have a top notch coach, no doubt.

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Bill Self not interested in coaching in NBA right now

Uh Oh. Do I read "LAKERS" in between the lines? Only Larry Brown has a ring in both the college arena and in the pros. With the Lakers, Bill could be the second. Larry always said to go pro if you ever had the chance. With Phil retiring and Kobe still dominating, they have a chance if Gasol pulls his head out. Fisher might have one or two years left and they do have a good core all around. I hope Bill stays but if the Lakers call, he'd have to listen and listen hard...They are going to hire somebody good, that's for sure...

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Here's my breakdown on the bracket:



Then it goes to Sherron and Kirk and finally, Kirk, for sure. Sherron was great but what Kirk has done in the NBA for nearly 10 years has to count. Couple final fours, etc.

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J.D. Cleavinger gives official call on his 44-year refereeing career

What a class act! He taught and coached me and as a coach now, I am very proud to have been a student of his in many ways. Coach JD, Thank You! Tough Love is still Love! Have a great retirement, Coach.

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KU hoops fan says prized threads desecrated

Nice gesture by KU Athletic Department. That's what being a Jayhawk is all about!

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Golfer Gary Woodland a confident, grounded athlete

I agree. I think Gary needs press every day. Especially from our hometown/local media. The guy is a Jayhawk all the way and could be a major force in golf for years to come.

I do think Spencer Levin will win the Masters but I am rooting for Gary. Rock Chalk and keep yourself humble, Gary.

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