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Local group wants Lawrence residents to vote against $116M citywide sales tax renewal

Even if it did enhance property values, higher property values = higher property taxes for the homeowner.

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State employee pay raises spark confusion, resentment

Is it possible to ever stop blaming one party, or another? I think that's the biggest problem...we are always blaming someone else and not doing anything together.

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Commercial property that owes city, county $180K in back taxes sells for $1 at auction; east side shopping center in foreclosure

Why would you think the businesses are being replaced already? The article clearly states "Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the businesses in the shopping center have to close. It may mean they will be getting a new landlord."

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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed: You say that conservatives called for killing Obama, yet no leftist, liberals are calling for Trumps death??? Do some research, please...

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Attendance way down at Lawrence ice skating rink in its second season

It is too bad Lawrence doesn't have a real ice skating rink. I just started going to KC Ice Center in Shawnee Mission, which is about 35 min drive, but at least it's real ice and good sized. They have indoor and outdoor skating too. If Lawrence had one, it would save me the drive, but for now it's totally worth it. I'm not going to waste my time, or $3 on something small, that isn't even real ice (so I can't even wear my own skates...yuck!).

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Parks and Recreation drafting tobacco ban for all department-operated land, including all parks

Also, what about if someone is smoking in their car in the parking lot of the park? Is that good? I agree about this being "half baked" at this point.

November 12, 2015 at 8:54 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Parks and Recreation drafting tobacco ban for all department-operated land, including all parks

Maybe put up some cigarette butt canisters so that smokers have somewhere to put their butts? Could be a partial solution. Not next to playground areas, but if they are placed in other areas, smokers might be more inclined to put them out in those, instead of the sand box, or on the ground. We have a canister outside of work for smokers and I'd say at least 95% of them use that instead of tossing it on the ground.

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Parks and Recreation drafting tobacco ban for all department-operated land, including all parks

I'm not saying I side with either smokers, or non-smokers, because everyone is different (and some not as respectful as others), but I just have to wonder how many non-smokers this is even affecting? I go to a few different parks on my breaks/lunch breaks from work and more often than not, I am the only person in the park. It seems a lot of parks don't really get that much traffic (depending on the time of day, season, etc...), so aside from the littering problem, I really have never even seen the smoking itself as a problem. Especially if someone distances themselves and is respectful about their smoking. Not to mention the larger parks, like Broken Arrow - there could be children playing on one side of the park and someone could smoke a cigarette at the opposite end and never be seen, or smelled. I agree with the other posters...focus on the littering, not the smoking.

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

Yep, what a concept, huh? ;-)

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