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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

Doncha just love polticians that think the word "liberal" is a pejorative? What a creep.

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Editorial: Unflattering poll

This is more than just "unflattering". It represents the lives of real human beings with estimated deaths of around 15,000 Kansans the result. Perhaps if they had changed their names to "Fetus" Mr. Brownback would care.

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US settles with Kansas over alleged pension fraud

WOW!!!! How much you want to bet Brownback blames THIS on Obama??
Umm as for Brownback "restoring" the health of the pension system, how much did he have to do with it becoming "ill" in the first place?

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GOP Strategy in Kansas: It's all about Obama

What "presidential failure"? The deficit has been cut every...EVERY YEAR...that Obama has been in office.

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Today in Lawrence: More rain, Vinland Fair and Dinner and a Movie

I love the Vinland Fair. My daughter rented the fairgrounds as her wedding venue two years ago. A lot of happy memories there.

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Kansas revenues in July beat expectations by $1.6M

Too little, too late.

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Divided U.S. House abandons vote on border bill

There are a lot of Republican reps that are very angry over this.<br>
Cruz and Sessions (who was also involved in this) are SENATORS. What are they doing interfering in House business? The US Congress is not a unicameral body. <br>
As a microcosm, Kansas is facing a moderate Republican backlash. It's about time we see this on a national scale.

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Davis leads Brownback in fundraising, polls show undecided race

Over a hundred moderate Republicans (about half of whom are former legislators) have joined the Davis campaign. Bill Kassebaum, Nancy's son and a former legislator himself, is Davis' economic manager.<br>
That says a lot right there.

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Rare gazelle breaks own neck, dies at Topeka Zoo

I think nature will take care of it for us, eventually. Liberia closed it's borders yesterday to contain the largest ever Ebola outbreak. <br>
To quote George Carlin on "saving the Earth", "The earth is fine. People are ****ed."<br>
You might also consider this, announced by Stanford University and reported five days ago.<br>
Biologist warn of early stages of Earth's sixth mass extinction event

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