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Abortion foes expected to converge on Kansas Statehouse

It's so sad that this country allows the murder of born children by denying them food and healthcare and unchecked access to guns left laying around.

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Abortion foes push new bills in Kansas, Congress

Republicans are murdering women (and this includes YOU, Kansas), all in the name of "life". But I don't expect a few dirty little facts to get in the way of their agenda.<br>

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Abortion foes push new bills in Kansas, Congress

1. It's not a "baby" until it's born. 2. It's not a man's body and he SHOULD have no say in it. Trust me, if he is actually in a REAL supportive relationship with the woman, as a spouse or significant other, his thoughts and feelings WILL be considered. Otherwise, he can shut up and go away. Pregnancy can and does present unique health risks to women, up to and including the potential for death. And this country, despite certain parts of it hysterically trying to force women to stay pregnant who get pregnant, doesn't exactly support pregnant women. The US is 57th (you hear that? FIFTY FREAKING SEVENTH) in the entire world in maternal mortality. And you think someone...ANYONE else should have a say in whether a woman should stay pregnant? I don't "distance myself from the reality" of what abortion is. I know exactly what abortion is. I had one and I used to work in a clinic that did them. I don't think YOU know what it is or how it's done or why women do it. And the why part is none of your business.

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Kansas lawmakers attend ALEC meeting in D.C.

Getting their marching orders ahead of the legislative session in January. They don't even bother to hide it anymore.

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Letter: Medicare threat

The Health Care Compact is not an actual "thing" at the moment. It hasn't been approved by Congress and will be a substantial change in the ACA if it goes through. Several states that have outright rejected the ACA have unified on it but it can't clear the Feds for now. <br>
But trust me, if the GOP takes the Senate and Brownback retains his seat, you WILL see this happen in Kansas.<br>
So how does this go along with BB's touted efforts to recruit retirees to the state? Because I can GUARANTEE no one on Medicare would set foot in the state. One more source of income for Kansas down the toilet.<br>
I was born and grew up in Kansas. I spent 50 of my 62 years in that state. I'm also on Medicare. But as long as Brownback stays in power there I won't be coming home. And that breaks my heart. I'm homesick. I want to go home. But the truth is, I have been ostracized from my own state. All because I am old.

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Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor's race

"More than enoguh government control"...unless it's in a woman's uterus. And then there is never enough.

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Kansas court affirms verdict in abortion shooting

They're public defenders. (Not sure why he has more than one, unless it's because it's a capital murder case.) I'm not saying that makes them incompetent but given the support Roeder gets from such groups as Army of God, I'm surprised they haven't retained a private attorney for him.

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Lawrence native Paul Davis posing surprise challenge in governor's race

Given the mess Brownback made of the state, I find it surprising that Mr. Hancock finds Paul Davis' rather healthy challenge to Brownback so "surprising".

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Letter: A moral issue

Of course jails and prisons are now the "go to" place for institutionalization of the mentally ill. Have to fill up those "for profit" prisons in some way and with legalization of marijuana steaming down the highway like an 18 wheeler in overdrive, they have to do SOMETHING besides criminalizing women that have had illegal abortions. That's not going to be enough to fill those beds and make everybody a profit.

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In strip-club case, typically closed records were released, GOP tipped off

If records are closed by law without an FOIA the legislature who, you know, MADE the law then... is this not...what's the word...oh yeah..ILLEGAL? In which case, why isn't the appropriate official who released the records, well, you know, UNDER ARREST?

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