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What's a restaurant that's closed that you really miss?

Potato Mountain. That place reminded me so much of a Portland (OR) restaurant. I knew it wouldn't last in Kansas. Bucky's. There's a couple whose names I can't remember. One was south of 23rd, right behind McDonald's, kitty corner from the blood plasma donation center one way and SRS (or whatever they call it now) the other. Wish I could remember the name of it. They had GREAT hamburgers, a TV in every booth and a HUGE leather sofa right in the middle of the place on a platform.

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Kansas House rejects giving Brownback more say in judicial selection, then reconsiders

What makes these "legislators" think the state supreme court won't overturn this on constitutional grounds? Are they TRYING to create a constitutional crisis?

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Kansas Supreme Court to consider right to abortion

This would make sense if the real aim of anti-choicers was to reduce abortion. It’s not. Their real aim is to control women and their sexuality and use forced pregnancy as a punishment. They’ve come right out and admitted that. On more than one occasion. Heck, they aren’t “prolife”. They aren’t even “profetus”. All they really want to do is shame women for having sex. <br>
My nearly 6 month old granddaughter has an X linked genetic disorder that is very rare, an "orphan disease", that will, in all likelihood, kill her before she reaches school age. Her parents live in Shawnee, that Bats--t Bachmann wannabe, Mary Pilcher-Cook's district. They applied for Medicaid on their baby within days of her birth, last October. After nearly SIX MONTHS, her Medicaid case is STILL PENDING. Yesterday, her Medicaid case worker FINALLY filled out the paperwork for an "urgent medical need" application and sent it for review. God only knows how long THAT will take and whether it will shorten the determination.<br>
In the meantime, we started a Go Fund Me page to try and at least mitigate some of the expenses. We have been reduced to BEGGING for this baby's life.<br>
I have a hard time understanding legislators that will move heaven and earth and fight tooth and nail to get every fetus born and then allow an INFANT to die. The stench of the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

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GOP lawmakers cite rising frustration, even anger, with Brownback administration

Whatcha talkin' bout, son? That's ALREADY happening. The school districts are having such a hard time getting teachers the State School Board is talking about doing away with licensing and education requirements and allowing any old Joe to stand up in front of a classroom and point at the blackboard. Given that all they do is teach to a test, how hard can it be?

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Frustrated GOP lawmakers weigh move to impeach top Kansas judges

It would carry a lot more weight as a class action suit, I will agree with that. The civil rights of the state's citizens to a republican government are being violated.

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Frustrated GOP lawmakers weigh move to impeach top Kansas judges

No. If the articles of statehood are revoked, the state would revert back to a Federal territory. The President would appoint a territorial governor and the legislature would be elected under Federal rules. The courts would be part of the Federal territorial judicial system. The current state constitution is sufficient to reapply for statehood once it's language is tightened up so that a rogue legislature/governor can't pull the shenanigans this one is doing, but it has to be guaranteed to be followed.
Nothing like this has ever been done before. But given the situation in the state, it's actually possible.

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Frustrated GOP lawmakers weigh move to impeach top Kansas judges

I am still very much of the belief that if the governor and legislature don't watch their step this WILL end up in Federal court and Kansas will have their articles of statehood revoked for refusing to provide a "republican" government (i.e. a three part governement with a functioning system of checks and balances). <br>
They came very close to this when they threatened to defund the judiciary. "Impeaching" judges for the sole purpose of removing them because they won't pass what is clearly unconstitutional legislation will do the same. <br>
And here's a heads up, folks; it wouldn't be dependent on the state supreme court to file that Federal lawsuit. ANY citizen of the state could do it.

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Kansas Senate bill seeks municipalities' traffic ticket revenues; Lawrence calls effort 'unfair'

This is arguably like trying to take your kid's piggy bank.

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Kansas Republicans hold to hard-right stance; ACLU and League of Women Voters 'communists,' Kobach says

Whether people realize it or not, Kansas has become the perfect minature Fascist state. It's not "small government". On the contrary, it's the rule of the government by the corporations and corporatism has ALWAYS been at odds with labor. It's not working any better here than it did in Italy.

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