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Kansas court affirms verdict in abortion shooting

They're public defenders. (Not sure why he has more than one, unless it's because it's a capital murder case.) I'm not saying that makes them incompetent but given the support Roeder gets from such groups as Army of God, I'm surprised they haven't retained a private attorney for him.

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Lawrence native Paul Davis posing surprise challenge in governor's race

Given the mess Brownback made of the state, I find it surprising that Mr. Hancock finds Paul Davis' rather healthy challenge to Brownback so "surprising".

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Letter: A moral issue

Of course jails and prisons are now the "go to" place for institutionalization of the mentally ill. Have to fill up those "for profit" prisons in some way and with legalization of marijuana steaming down the highway like an 18 wheeler in overdrive, they have to do SOMETHING besides criminalizing women that have had illegal abortions. That's not going to be enough to fill those beds and make everybody a profit.

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In strip-club case, typically closed records were released, GOP tipped off

If records are closed by law without an FOIA the legislature who, you know, MADE the law then... is this not...what's the word...oh yeah..ILLEGAL? In which case, why isn't the appropriate official who released the records, well, you know, UNDER ARREST?

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KU, prosecutors face challenges in rape investigations

No means no and being drunk is not consent. Wrap it up in all of the pretty packages of words and legalese that you like and that fact doesn't change.<br>
Recently CA passed legislation to counter campus sexual assault called the "Yes Means Yes" law, Given the Kansas legislature's record on all types of violence against women, I can't even imagine them passing such a law (especially when there are people in the legislature that think marital rape is A-OK) but honestly, it's what's needed.

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Boxing firm has suit against Kansas Senate hopeful Orman

They saw "lawsuit" and saw an opportunity to smear. Need to be careful with these kinds of things. Stacey Campfield, a Tennessee legislator, is currently embroiled in a defamation lawsuit stemming from the 2008 election where he accused a Democratic candidate of being involved in multiple drug arrests.(It wasn't the candidate but a man with the same name.) It was initially thrown out of court but recently an appeals court revived it. According to the appeals court, the judge that wrote the decision had this to say:<br>
“Politics may be a rough and tumble endeavor.But, contrary to the vintage Cole Porter song, ‘Anything Goes’ will not suffice when it comes to publishing factual falsehoods about political rivals.”

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Challenged by the center, Brownback sticks to hard-right message

The moderate backlash is REAL. And what is Brownback's response? To double down. It will lose him the mansion.

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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

Doncha just love polticians that think the word "liberal" is a pejorative? What a creep.

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Editorial: Unflattering poll

This is more than just "unflattering". It represents the lives of real human beings with estimated deaths of around 15,000 Kansans the result. Perhaps if they had changed their names to "Fetus" Mr. Brownback would care.

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US settles with Kansas over alleged pension fraud

WOW!!!! How much you want to bet Brownback blames THIS on Obama??
Umm as for Brownback "restoring" the health of the pension system, how much did he have to do with it becoming "ill" in the first place?

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