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House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in Virginia primary stunner

One wonders if Eric Cantor is now in favor of unemployments benefits. :P

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Opinion: Progressive culture hurts colleges

It appears the Washington Post is facing considerable backlash over this column, outside of any known precedent.<br>
George Will made a huge mistake in taking on the subject of rape and equating victimhood with "privilege".<br>
If this is truly the voice of the right, than it's a lot sicker than any of us ever thought. If it's not, then the right, itself, needs to take him to task.

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Opinion: Progressive culture hurts colleges

I have never been so disgusted and appalled in my entire life. George Will has the empathy of a box of rocks. <br>
Never in my life have I wished that kind of assault on anyone but it's obvious that either his "personal" views are different or he has never had to deal with a family member being such a victim.<br>
This ranks up there with Todd Akin, Ron Paul and all of the others that think there is a "degree" of rape and that there is a such a thing as "true" rape, "honest" rape or "actual" rape.

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Opinion: GOP in denial on climate change
The House Science Committee Declares The IPCC Report Is Not Science<br>
The hubris of these people is beyond comprehension. Just as legislators think that they can regulate and legislate female biology; just as they think they can regulate and legislate away the effects of fracking and tar sands, they apparently think they can regulate and legislate away the effects of climate change.<br>
(By the way, Michele Bachmann is on the House Science Committee. Yes. For real.)

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Hospital pushes for audit relief

Actually, no Patrick. This was part of a program instituted under GWB when over 2 billion was appropriated to SS for auditing purposes to recover, not just Medicare over payments, but also SS, SSI and SSDI overpayments. <br>
Don't blame the ACA. Blame the philosophy of cutting "fat, waste and fraud".

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In red Kansas, Republican Brownback appears vulnerable

Western Kansas; the little sister of the Rio Grande Valley where women are already dying thanks to Rick Perry, our "esteemed" Guvnor's mentor.

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Spike in cash seized by law enforcement paved way for increased spending in 2013

How much of this money was seized from people who were subsequently found not guilty and never had restitution made?

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In red Kansas, Republican Brownback appears vulnerable

Sam Brownback successfully stripped Planned Parenthood of all Title X funding in Kansas. This is despite the fact that PP has no clinic in the state that provides abortions. As a result, PP closed it's clinic in Hays, the only clinic PP has in western Kansas, to protect it's Wichita clinic. This closure will deprive hundreds of rural women from receiving OB-GYN health services, including prenatal care, breast health, pap smears, STD diagnosis and treatment and contraceptive services. PP also provided some general health services, such as BP checks and treatment. They did all of this on a sliding scale fee according to income. This closure will impact many women, leaving some of them without any healthcare at all.<br>
I am firmly convinced that some women will even die because of this.<br>
Bottom line, any woman that votes Republican in the upcoming election should just sock herself in the face now.

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Governor declares drought warning for Douglas County

I just got back today from going up to Kansas for a few days to see family and spent Monday and Tuesday in Lawrence. My daughter and I drove over the bridge into North Lawrence on the way to the turnpike Tuesday and the sight of the river floored me. Down here, on the way into Fort Smith, the Arkansas River is almost out of it's banks.<br>
How much of this is due to the Ogalala Acquifier drying up? Does anybody know?

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Moody's Investors Service downgrades state bonds, citing Kansas' sluggish economy, tax cuts

Tell me again how Brownback is so "good for Kansas"?

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