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Letter: Political malpractice

If the middle class is hurting (and god knows we are. I'm part of it too.) then consider this.: 80% of this country is now below, at or within 5 percentage points of the poverty level. Yes, I said EIGHTY PERCENT. Within the five years since the 2008 crash, that 80% has received less than 5% of the economic gains. <br>
Y'all need to start reading Robert Reich's blog/Facebook page.

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Letter: Political malpractice

For proof that the ACA can work one need look no further than the state where it originated, Massachusetts, under then Governor Mitt Romney.<br>
The ACA WAS the compromise. The left wanted single payer. If it's having a rocky start because of the obstructionist efforts of Tea Partiers like Sam Brownback and the attempts of insurance companies to game the system (just in the six weeks since rollout, several have already been charged with fraud, including, unbelievably, a subsidiary of Blue Cross), it's not going to do anything but make the case for single payer.<br>
It may be hard to see from the ivory tower of the Tea Party that is Kansas but their day is waning. The GOP has become the party of old white men and more and more of their demographic are dying off every year. See that 16 year old kid next to you in the grocery store line, texting at the checkout? In two years that kid will be eligible to vote. That kid will also be dealing with student loans and wanting birth control. Who do YOU think she will vote for?

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Letter: Real insurance

From DDOS attacks to insurance companies dumping customers left and right (because their insurance doesn't meet minimum benefit requirements) and refusing to offer other plans; how many ways can the Tea Party screw the ACA?<br>

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Opinion: Concern raised for Afghan women

I would applaud Thomas for this op ed if it weren't for a number of problems.<br>
Cal Thomas is an evangelical Christian and commentator for FOX "News". He is anti-abortion, anti-reproductive rights, against equal pay legislation and advocates for many anti-woman stances within his own party. In other words, he supports many policies against AMERICAN women that he appears to decry in this article, that are against Afghan women..<br>
This sets up a cognitive dissonance and appearance of hypocrisy that had to be pointed out.<br>
Bottom line, he didn't write this because he is "pro-woman". He wrote it because he's anti-Islam.<br>
Does that invalidate what he says in the article? No. The information is good. And perhaps he really is starting to look at women as real human beings with lives equal to that of men and with bodies and souls that are to be valued as born human beings.<br>
But the truth is, leopards rarely change their spots.

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Letter: Congress cares?

Nicely written piece of sarcasm. I applaud you.

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Letter: Forum change

I agree with Brock. I am retired, my children are grown and I am in a place where anonymity isn't something I require. I have made links to articles I have written under my real name when I was still "anonymously" posting here as I didn't care any longer. I didn't have a job or family to protect. And it is true that publicly posting on certain subjects can threaten those things. <br>
I think my biggest concern when I found out about this was the fact that there are, to put it bluntly, crazies out there. I don't live in Lawrence anymore so my personal safety is no longer a factor, but even prior to the policy change I was aware of more than one person whose personal information was discovered and was subsequently stalked and verbally threatened via e-mail. It's truly stunning the number of potential "Scott Roeders" there are walking the streets.<br>
I've noticed other changes in the paper's website, though. It seems there is a bit of "dumbing down" on the publication of potentially volatile news stories, bordering on outright censorship. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I can understand the paper's reasoning; there's a fine line between objective reporting and muckraking. On the other, I worry that an ideological filter is being placed that, much like FOX "News", distorts the truth.<br>
I'm just glad I'm not in the shoes of the editorial board.

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Opinion: GOP should be happy

"Don't worry. Be happy." right up to November 5th.<br>
Approval ratings are in the basement but don't worry, be happy.<br>
900,000 US military veterans are going to be cut from SNAP in two days but don't, worry, be happy.<br>
The IRS isn't going to be accepting any tax returns until January 28,2014 (but isn't extending the deadline past April 15) because of the backlog from the shutdown but don't worry, be happy.<br>

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Douglas County Republicans considering loyalty clause

Loyalty to the party over loyalty to the country.<br>
The only political groups I have ever been aware that required this were emperors, the Communist Party in Russia and Hitler.<br>
What happened to the "free thinking" state in which I grew up?

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Legislator to file bill requiring ACA navigators to be checked and licensed

Ummm, given that Brownback refused to set up a state exchange and left it to HHS to set it up for the state, the state has zero say in how it's set up. Now go thank your governor.

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