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Opinion: ‘Duck’ outrage goes political

I doubt very seriously that their "highly rated show" will remain that way. Cal is whistling in the dark.

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Opinion: ‘Duck’ outrage goes political

People need to remember that the First Amendment only guarantees that there will be no legal repercussions to speech. It doesn't guarantee that there will be no consequences at all.<br>
Phil can say what he likes. There will be no repercussions from the gummint. Society and his employer, on the other hand, are a completely different story. By his words, he put himself in the same class as Westboro Baptist. If he AND Cal, don't like it, tough beans.

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Brownback says perception of ALEC influence is 'overblown'

Sorry, Sam, this is one instance when "plausible deniability" just isn't going to work.

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Letter: Food stamp funds

Someone said something recently that struck me and stuck with me.<br>
"Charity isn't Justice. People need a living wage, not food banks."

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Opinion: Even when the cameras are rolling…

This kind of behavior is endemic across the country.<br>
Right now there is a lawsuit filed against a NM county law enforcement agency for illegal search wherein they took people to a local hospital and forced them to undergo invasive body cavity searches that actually included COLONOSCOPY! (The hospital then added insult to injury and BILLED the man for a procedure he didn't want and for which he repeatedly denied consent..)<br>>
In Houston, a thirteen year old dance phenom from Tulsa went to a dance workshop with her instructor (who is, himself, a well known dancer) and her dance partner. Due to her age, her parents gave a limited power of attorney to her instructor to cover legalities while out of town. They were on their way back to their hotel when their car was surrounded by HPD units, the girl was handcuffed and then turned over to Texas CPS. Why? It had been noted that she was a young white girl and her traveling companions were two black men.<br>>
This is racial profiling, which is blatantly illegal. The two men involved are considering legal action.

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Estimated growth in Kansas Personal Income revised downward

And people want to know just why Brownback might be a one termer,especially in a red state,<br>
If Paul Davis doesn't bang the heck out of this drum, he needs to go back to politicians school.

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Moran: Affordable Care Act beyond repair

Nah, it's been around for awhile, along with "Bat**** Bachmann" and "Sarah Failin'". I have a few more if you're curious.

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Moran: Affordable Care Act beyond repair

So the ACA is "beyond repair", huh?<br>
That's interesting, considering that health care costs have pretty much flat lined since 2010 (the year the bill was initially passed).<br> <br>
Jerry Teabilly Moron is making statements worthy of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

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Kansas group, voters sue over registration rules

Oh and by the way there, Kris, banking on the fact that you will prevail in Federal court (because you wrote AZ's law too)? I wouldn't count on it as a done deal. That's just flat out hubris.

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Kansas group, voters sue over registration rules

So tell me, who didn't see THIS coming?

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