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A look at the races that could change the balance of power at the Statehouse

It's kind of disheartening not to see Mary Pilcher-Cook's name on this list. I desperately want to see that Marsha Blackburn/ Diane Black wannabe GONE. She has a strong opponent in Vicki Hiatt. Darn it, Shawnee, toss that moron out. Let her go lip curl somewhere else.

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Editorial: Human costs

When Sam Brownback first became governor, he did so on a "prolife" platform. I think we can now all agree that he's about as "prolife" as Idi Amin.

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Kansas abandons plan to block Planned Parenthood providers from Medicaid funds

They're still trying to cut Medicaid funding to regional affiliates. That won't wash either. If Kansas pushes it, the Feds will cut off ALL Medicaid funding to the state. The state is precarious enough. Do they REALLY think they will be able to get away with that happening? (Although they would dearly love to drive the state even further into poverty.)

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Court says Kansas can’t block thousands of eligible voters from voting in November elections

What about the people like my dad who was born at home and lived his entire life without a birth certificate? His Army discharge and VA ID was good enough back then. It's not now?

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Court says Kansas can’t block thousands of eligible voters from voting in November elections

Kobach will figure out some way to throw the election. I guarantee it.
Recommendation: Demand a paper ballot and take a picture of your filled out ballot with your phone before you turn it in.

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Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature

This may hold true now (and it holds huge implications for the down ticket races) but I double D guarantee you Kris Kobach will figure out a way to sweep it out from under people. My recommendation: demand a paper ballot and take a picture of your ballot before you leave the voting booth.,

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Brownback to call special session to address school funding; no date set

Every seat in the state senate...every has a Democratic challenger. I'm sure Kris Kobach is gearing up the Diebold machines to handle that nasty little problem for his guvnor.

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Some elderly Kansans losing in-home services

Angela is also very good at insulting poor and disabled people. She was hired because she doesn't have an empathetic bone in her body. Nope, not even that little tiny one in your ear.

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Lawrence school district plans for potential shutdown amid funding uncertainty

I read that on a Facebook post you made, Melinda. Kudos to those people. As I have a personal stake in that action, my biggest hope that's nearest and dearest to my heart is that Mary Pilcher-Cook gets dumped. One of my daughters and her special needs baby live in MP-C's district and the response of the state of Kansas to her severe disabilities has been less than underwhelming. MP-C is a prime example of someone who claims to be "pro-life" whose only real interest is in regulating sex.

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