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Brownback signs Medicare, gun bills

What? WHAT? I'm on Medicare and I haven't seen anything but GOOD things come from the ACA, especially in terms of the shrinking donut hole. I'm on a Medicare Advantage plan through a private insurance company with managed care and my co-pays are minimal (in fact, as of January 1, I have NO co-pay for my PCP) and I pay less than 20 dollars a month for my medications (my insulin, alone, would be over 700/month without insurance) and this joker wants to take control of it so he can siphon off my healthcare dollars?<br>
What's next? Is he going to start taxing my Social Security payments?<br>
This man is the absolute WORST thing that has ever happened to the state of Kansas and if you people don't wake up and boot his tushie to the curb, there will be no one left in the state except Kochs and people too poor to get out.

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Political analyst predicts Republicans will reclaim U.S. Senate

You say "liberal" like it's a bad thing. The branding of that word as something "dirty" is fast slipping away. The biggest threat to Koch money are Millenials. The Baby Boomers are fast dying off and the M's now outnumber them. These are people newly in the job market seeing their own parents still making 12 and 13 dollars an hour when a gallon of milk now costs four dollars and it takes forty to fill your gas tank. <br>
In truth, the pendulum is swinging back, sir.

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Brownback says state will sue feds over threatened' listing of lesser prairie chicken

"Our scientists are better than your scientists."<br>
Um...scientists don't operate that way, guv'nor. Well, unless they're on the Koch payroll.

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Kansas House gives final approval to bill backing out of Obamacare

In every case, the states that have passed this "symbolic" bill have not enforced it. One reason is because they are unconstitutional, due to the Supremacy Clause. Another is that, to enforce it has the potential to cut the state off from millions of dollars in Medicaid (and possibly Medicare, not sure about that) money. Not only would it cut off healthcare to those paltry few they are actually allowing to have it, the truth is a lot of rural hospitals will go under without it. <br>
This is just more Tea Party saber rattling. Truth be told, I would love it if Kansas, Alabama, Georgia and the other southern states seceded again. Without exception, everyone of them are states that cost this country more than they are worth. Maybe Charlie and David will set themselves up as tinpot dicators. They always have had an ambition to be Mussolini all over again.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

The really sad thing about this is that Phelps actually did a great deal of good back in the '60's as a civil rights attorney. His later life so overwhelmed that fact that people tend to forget it. <br>
I am not justifying what he did in any way. I am saying he was a complex human and, if there is a God, he is the one that will have to take responsibility for his life before that God.<br>
In the end, he actually did more FOR LGBTQ rights than he accomplished against them. His methods were vile and so over the top, it was those very methods that accomplished exactly the opposite of what he said he wanted.<br>
Along the way, what he did pointed out the evil and hatred of OTHER so called "preachers", making statements just as vile.<br>
It's twisted and it's strange, but he actually did a lot of unintentional good.

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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

The Kansas legislature has officially gone psychotic. <br>
I am an adult survivor of physical child abuse. I grew up at a time when a parent could actually murder their child and get away with it. I was hit with belts, switches and other weapons to the point where I bled. This bill was *severely* triggering to me when I read it.<br>
A child can be abused without even showing bruises. Several children have died recently from being beaten to death with plastic plumbing tubing and never even showing a bruise. (Please look up rhabdomyolysis.)<br>
I want to know how, what would be considered and tried as assault if it were an adult doing it to another adult, it can possibly be sanctioned when an adult does it to a child. Assault is assault.<br>
I realize that this bill will, in all likelihood, not even leave committee, much less make it to the floor, but the fact that even ONE legislator even saw fit to introduce it is beyond my comprehension.<br>
Welcome to "Christian" Sharia law. God bless Murrica.

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Measure aims to cut Kansas out of health overhaul

The truly BEST thing for Kansas would be to rid itself of the Kochs.

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Abortion opponent will have ultrasound done on pregnant woman during committee meeting

This is disgusting. How about they see a colonoscopy while they're at it? Or maybe a prostate resection, since they're all males in the age range to make it relevant?

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Letter: Insurance boon

I fully expect that in ten years it will no longer be "Obamacare" but the ACA and the GOP will take credit for it.

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Same-sex married couples file lawsuit against state over tax treatment

My sister is a registered and certified tax preparer in the state of Arkansas. One of her long time clients was recently married to his same sex partner in California and they plan to file a joint return. There's just one problem; Arkansas doesn't recognize same sex marriage. They can, indeed, file a joint return at the Federal level but can't at the state level. However, the state tax form uses the Federal form to calculate the state's taxes. It's a headache and a half.

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