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Four judges sue to overturn law that would de-fund Kansas court system

If the legislature, at Brownback's behest, attempts to defund the courts, expect a Federal lawsuit against the state on US Constitutional grounds for refusing to provide the state with a "republican government" (which has nothing to do with the political party and everything to do with destroying the system of checks and balances). <br>
The foundation for this was laid when Kansas was admitted to the Union. Because the US Constitution mandates it, no state can be admitted without a constitution guaranteeing a system of government that echoes the Federal government with three branches that maintain the system of checks and balances. There are some differences from state to state. Some have bicameral legislatures with a House and Senate, some have State Assemblies and Nebraska has a unicameral legislature but whatever they are called or how they are organized they all have the same three branches.<br>
By refusing to fund the judiciary, the Governor and the legislature are violating, not just the state constitution, but the requirement for that system of government demanded by statehood. In essence, they are violating a "contract" made with the Federal government when statehood was granted. If they continue down this path, it CAN be seen as an act of secession. It all depends on how far Brownback and the legislature want to push it.<br>
As out there as it sounds, secession IS a likely scenario in this case and, despite the Civil War, that was then and this is now. Texas is doing the exact same thing; passing clearly unconstitutional legislation to challenge the Supremacy clause. They are denying birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants. Kansas could go with Texas, Oklahoma and (possibly) Arkansas and other Southern states. Thing is, there are enough people now that would be HAPPY to see them go. They would be on a path to become another third world country. In EVERY CASE, with the exception of Texas, they are states that rake in FAR more in Federal dollars than they pay out in taxes. Alabama would lose NASA and the Redstone Arsenal and every state would lose every Federal installation they have. They might "take them over" but they wouldn't have the funds to run them. The Kochs might bankroll them to create their "perfect fascist empire" but if they do they will lose every penny they put into it. Especially when the rest of the US clamps down, closes borders and sets up financial blockades. Trust me, this won't end well and we (meaning the US) won't have to lift a finger or fire a single shot.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Sam Brownback won by less than 3% (not even outside the margin of error. ) It was confirmed earlier this year that over 5,000 votes from Saline county were not even counted last November until AFTER the state wide election results were officially posted.<br>
Election fraud exists, just not VOTER fraud. It exists in gerrymandering, election manipulation and targeted voter suppression. I am still quite thoroughly convinced that Anonymous blocked Karl Rove from hi jacking the 2012 presidential election. Kobach has his fingerprints all over this kind of activity.

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Kobach urges Congress to ratify health care compact that he says would avoid Obamacare

I left Kansas in 2012. Three of my four children continue to live there. As I age they are concerned for me and want me to move back so that I can be cared for if necessary. If Kansas does this there is no way in HELL I will return. Given my chronic health problems they will do their absolute best to kill me and get me out of the system. Didn't I hear that a developer is building a new retirement center in west Lawrence? Who in their right mind would stay in or move to Kansas after retiring? Move to a state that does it's best to %^&$ on you? No one *I* know. Yeah. Good luck with that.

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Pet World fire kills many small animals; python, some others survive

My daughter called me in tears from the scene. We have a long history with Pet World and consider it one of the best in the business. These peope cared about their animals more than they ever cared about their bottom line. <br>
I'm just sick at heart and I hope they recover and put this behind them. I am so sorry for your loss.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

This story was picked up by Daily KOS and has gone viral. Nothing like finding out the ENTIRE COUNTRY is laughing at you. <br>
"Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

"...limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government..."<br>
So basically, they want to do away with the Supremacy Clause. Didn't we fight a civil war over this once before?<br>
The real heartbreaker is that in the last one, we were on the side of right and history. This time, not so much.

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

Kevin, I'm asking this in all seriousness and with curiosity. How do you, personally, define a "person"? What is it that makes any being a "person" to you?
(And sorry for the double post. LJW does that to me on occassion.)

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Kansas House panel endorses effort to change US Constitution

Kevin, I'm asking thi in all seriousness and with curiosity. How do you, personally, defune a "person"?

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Brownback rescinds protections for LGBT state employees

I can't WAIT to see what he does when he has same sex marriage shoved down his throat this July. (The pun is all intended.) Will he clutch his pearls and throw a hissy fit the way Alabama is doing?

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Abortion foes expected to converge on Kansas Statehouse

A well written article on the fact that 20 week abortion bans protect no one, not even the fetus. In fact, 20 week "pain capable" abortion bans (which are based on "junk science" to begin with) effect only fetuses that are malformed and nonviable and will actually ensure that the fetus suffers if the woman is forced to go to term past the point where the fetus CAN feel pain.<br>

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