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LMH receives sizable donation for birthing center, will rename unit to honor former nurse, birthing educator

Why is it inappropriate? Her husband requested that the amount not be disclosed. He lost his wife and gave a gift in her memory. Give him a break.

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Moran touts LMH’s electronic records system

The system has nothing to do with Obamacare. Did youo not read the article? It was put in place in 2004 - way before Obama.

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Shawnee teenager electrocuted while working on computers

I wonder, despite being unplugged from the wall, if the computer was still plugged into a UPS?

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Saturation patrol this weekend

Why tell criminals where and when the police will be?

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Kansas, nation can't always keep up with constantly changing synthetic drugs

I'll go out on a limb as well and speculate that most, if not, all of you have ever worked in an Emergency Room.
This isn't a white-only, black-only, Asian-only- Hispanic-only drug - this junk knows no color.

Self-limiting panic attacks?? How about violence on anyone within 5 feet of the person that smoked this junk. Violence so extreme that restraints and law enforcement are involved.

You don't think that alcohol is addressed sufficiently? You must not read the news much. Almost every DUI, OWI, pedestrian vs. auto can be attributed to alcohol. Is that enough mention? This article is about synthetics. Contact the author if ou don't like the content.

Quit trying to justify this junk's existence. If you are so stupid to use it, then lock yourself in room and give someone the keys. Don't make people out in the community, including healthcare workers, to deal with your foolishness.

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Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to speak at KU's Dole Institute

AI is nothing but a bunch of bed wetting wusses. Cry me a river.

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Lawrence's unemployment rate increases

Bush's fault!

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Cardiologist — and many others — offer help to 11-year-old entrepreneur who fell victim to theft

For anyone who knows Dr. Dreiling, he is a class act. One of nicest guys my family and I know.

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State hospitals reporting struggles because of low pay, long hours, early retirement incentives

Ever heard of Barack Obama and Van Jones? Look it up.

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State hospitals reporting struggles because of low pay, long hours, early retirement incentives

But nothing wrong with a sitting President appointing a card-carrying Communist to position in the White House?

Loyalty oaths? So what. Radical left Demorats are just as bad. They are just as violent as any other group. Don't remember the late 60's much, do you.

Any party that swings extremely to the left or right is inherently dangerous. Give me a moderate who is willing to compromise any day.

Drink some more liberal Kool-aid. Have a good day.

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