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Day 1: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Cocaine and meth - felons with guns. Did you not read the article?

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Fighting continues over anti-union bill

Excellent point. I've always wondered what the fear was writing a check every month - like any other bill, contribution, expense, etc.

Anyone one with an opposing opinion care to enlighten me?

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Whooping cough suspected in employee at Lawrence dialysis clinic

It seems like the ones that live a long time are compliant to the 100th degree. They take their meds, they keep their appointment at the center, they don't commit dietary indiscretion. Then you have the other ones who just don't care - they don't take their meds, eat tons of salty foods, skip their dialysis appointments, then show up in the Emergency Department wanting to get dialyzed now - and everyone should jump through hoops to accommodate them.

Nine times out of ten the hospital eats the cost of the emergency visit - not the optimal situation but these patients utilize the Emergency Department for their health care and that's one of the reasons healthcare is in the predicament that it is in.

I completely agree about MOST of the Cotton O Neil/Stormont bunch - it's all about money - especially the surgeons and cardiologists.

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Whooping cough suspected in employee at Lawrence dialysis clinic

That's a ridiculous and slanderous statement. If they killed anyone, then charge them with murder. Otherwise, it's slander. How about looking at it this way - if you are in medicine, and I'll make the assumption by your tag you are - how many dialysis patients do you know are compliant with their treatment? How many dialysis patients do you know take their medications or follow their diets as they should?

Thought so,

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Whooping cough suspected in employee at Lawrence dialysis clinic

And you're absolutely sure that they didn't contract the illness by refusing to be vaccinated or didn't get vaccinated by their parents? You've personally had that 1:1 conversation with them?
There is growing movement of people refusing to get vaccinated, citing a multitude of reasons - google vaccination refusal - and you mighty learn something.

15 years was a long time ago. People I worked with were jerks due to lack of maturity. Ive known Scott for over 10 years and he's a great doctor and a pretty cool person to be around.

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Do you think alcohol should be served at KU football games?

When was the last time there was a sobriety check point after a Chiefs or Royals game? It just doesn't happen.

Maybe they should post a checkpoint just outside the gate - that ought to make getting home even more frustrating.

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Town Talk: Downtown Italian restaurant set to open today; sad tale of how Lawrence Hereford House led to crime; city to recycle unwanted trash cans on Friday

Then, as a community, help them negate the Krause trap and help them be successful. Be positive! We ate there last night and I can honestly say if was one of the best meals I ever had in my life. St. Louis style, classic Italian will go over well in Lawrence. Prices are reasonable as well - I think it will be more economical that other places across the street....

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Town Talk: Esquina to close in downtown Lawrence, St. Louis-style Italian restaurant to take its place; City Hall to pay company's moving expenses; tougher tow regulations on tap for Lawrence

We were fortunate to eat there tonight and it was the best classic Italian I had ever eaten. I had Ossobuco - it brought a tear to my eye it was so good. We also enjoyed clams and linguini, spagetti Bolognese, classic St. Louis toasted ravioli, and tiramisu. To the owners - welcome to Lawrence and best of luck! You will do well!

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Newt Gingrich coming to KU for Dole Institute event

No but we might be getting a tingling sensation down our legs!

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