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Police PAC issues statement against Soden; Board of Realtors PAC gets nearly $15K from national organization; SLT concept plan could create major changes near Clinton Parkway

What the h3ll is going on, when the police feel a need to act politically, and it is not a matter of their pay? Don't they work under the direction of the city government? Who are they responsible to? And does that person (or do those people) have the authority they need to direct the work of the police?

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City to install blue traffic lights for catching drivers running red lights

I could not disagree more strongly. A week does not go by that someone doesn't run a red light directly in front of me. And I am retired, and have no ongoing activity that keeps my out on the streets!

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As Briggs prepares to move out of Sears building, rumors heat up that Dick's Sporting Goods will be moving in

Yes, ever since WalMart successfully ran Rusty's out of town (and then proceeded to cut their square footage dedicated to sporting goods by 50%) we have been underserved in this area. And the loss of two golf retailers since then has made for even worse access to these goods. I say bring Dick's in ASAP.

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"Why I Left the Republican Party" -- 03/16/13 at Lawrence Arts Center

I look forward to the tax-supported address to the Lawrence public, from a similarly motivated individual, as to why they left the DeomcRat party.

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Library expansion bids come in below budget, allowing for coffee shop concept to be added back to project

Truer words were never spoken. This idea is just to make the Library into a faux-Borders, and I want to keep the city out of the coffee business.

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Massive undertaking aims to transform Lawrence from artsy to ArtPlace

Gee, were any of them Lawrence residents?

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Massive undertaking aims to transform Lawrence from artsy to ArtPlace

Uuh, guys... focusing on art ois a great way to distract from a more fiundamental problem for this town, at this time: JOBS. And GOOD JOBS. Keep repeat that until we start electing leaders who understand that with no excess income floating around, the only customers for art will be government.

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Opinion: Resentment of unions is boiling over

Do you include as "plutocrats" the people whose pension funds include stock in those major corporations? Because that would include teachers, welders, sanitation workers and... oh, yeah! Auto workers!!

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Rising rates

Hey, anyone who thinks the rate proposed is too high, and agreed wih the Lawrence City Council that we shouldn't be building new coal-fired power plants in Kansas... you bring this stuff on yourself, dolts!

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Town Talk: Oread apartment project on the ropes over historic preservation concerns; city delayed in producing compost; woodchip sale set

"the monstrosity on the hill" is exactly that. It is a monument to the venality of the city government, and to a docile populace that allowed it to be built. The only virtuous action surrounding its construction was by the "anarchist" who managed to get a hose running into the pit being dug for its foundation, causing delay while waiting for it to dry out.

Seriously, "comes the revolution" this should be the first pile of cr4p to be dynamited.

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