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Red carpet treatment: Lawrence residents view Oscar night festivities firsthand

What a fun story!!! It is nice to hear Hollywood doesn't take itself too serious!!! Memories for a lifetime.

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Floyd Bledsoe, sentenced to life for murder of teen sister-in-law, set free; ineffective assistance of counsel cited

Whoa, I can't believe what I just read. My hubby went to high school with this guy. He said there was something a little "off" about him back then. I met him one time back in 1999. I totally agree with my hubby about him being a little on the "off" side. I feel bad for the family whose daughter was killed and this weirdo is let back onto the streets.

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AP: McCain taps Alaska governor as VP running mate

Still voting for Obama. No woman is going to convince this woman to not vote for Obama.

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Top LMH volunteers honored

Yay!!! for Reathyl. She is such a sweety pie. I am so glad she won this honor.

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Bright lights of Kasold Drive turning off many residents

This is the stupidest article I have ever read. Good news reporting Journal World!!! You must be beating up the news beat to find anything and everything to write an article on.

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History put on a pedestal

Congratulations to a wonderful community. A great small city in this state. Many wonderful people live and work in that community. Beautiful statue with a wonderful story.

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Mothers boast potty advantage

What a delightful column. I can so relate with my 16-month old baby. I don't know how I would get anything done if I didn't bring her into the bathroom with myself. We have a drawer set up for her so she can go through things that are baby-friendly. The rest of the bathroom is locked up so she can't get into it. It works really well in our house. Baby's happy and so is the mommy. Sure makes going to the bathroom interesting. Breast fed babies are the best. No offense bottle-fed babies.

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Unusual hearing follows traffic stop

Wow, this really makes you think twice about the mentally ill. I feel sorry for that poor baby. Who was she raised by Jehovah's Witnesses? Probably not, since they are a little crazier than that. (Sorry people of the Witness cult, one person on your bible committee had a little bit of Greek and absolutely no bible scholars. Brainwashed (good song by the way)).

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Left in the nest

I dread the day my girls are old enough to move out. I will miss them to pieces. They are six years and 21 days apart in age, but they play like they are 11 months apart. Thank goodness they are both young still.

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Domestic partnership registry opens today

About time. Everyone deserves the right to be acknowledged no matter their orientation for the love they have for their partners. Stupid idiots who don't think people should have those kind of rights need to quit hiding behind their bible.

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