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Bill Mayer, former Journal-World editor, dies at 88

I had the good fortune and great honor of working in the newsroom with Mr. Mayer beginning when I was a 17-year-old budding writer in summer 1979, fresh out of Lawrence High and headed to KU journalism school. I was at the paper for six years, and grew quite fond of Bill. He was a straight shooter, a walking history book, a patient mentor, and just an all-around helluva good guy. Lawrence was and remains a better place because Bill Mayer worked for so many years at its newspaper of record. To Bev and the family, my deepest condolences. To Bill, my unceasing gratitude and affection.

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Trash day to change for many Lawrence residents as city prepares for curbside recycling

We've been recycling (with Defenbaugh) for a long time, and we always have more recycling materials for pickup than we do garbage. The fee of $2.81 per month is more than worth it, considering how much it potentially will lessen the waste stream, if people will just use it.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A night of partying in Oread

I don't see how this necessarily glorifies binge drinking. It does, however, provide a look inside an aspect of Lawrence (Lawhorn's Lawrence is the name of the feature, after all) that happens regularly. Those whining about this need to lighten up.

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Man of Merit: Student overcomes academic probation to become case study in success at KU

Where in the story does it say he received "special help" other than him seeking advice from his teachers? I sure don't see it.

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Man of Merit: Student overcomes academic probation to become case study in success at KU

Read the story closer: A KU student-athlete, Gary Green, came up with the concept for the calendar; this student will be part of the calendar, which is now in its fifth year. Mr. Visser was not a student-athlete, and according to the story had to earn back his ROTC status. Regardless, it's a terrific story and I took from it that Mr. Visser learned how to navigate a large campus, cultivate connections and involve himself in things that matter to him. Bravo to his success, which from my point of view was earned by his own commitment to become better.

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Kentucky makes mockery of student-athlete hype

The KU men's basketball program is a national leader on the court and off, in academic progress and graduation rates.

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Revered ex-Haskell coach dies at 68

As a young journalist working his way through college as a reporter at the Journal World, I was fortunate to be assigned the Haskell beat. Coach Homeratha was always a delight, ever the respectful, humorous, gracious gentleman; you understood why his players always gave him their best. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing, and my most heartfelt condolences go out to all those who knew and loved him.

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After dazzling visitors to KU campus for two years, sculpture surrounding tree cut down on Friday

For those who were wondering, the tree was indeed dying prior to the sculpture; it was afflicted with a root disease called verticillum wilt. The condition of the tree had digressed to the point that it was considered a potential hazard. The sculpture was up for 27 months, which is longer than Dougherty's works typically last. If you're interested in seeing more of his art, here's the link to his website:

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Group to decide how to display James Naismith's basketball rules

In all seriousness, one of the main issues with displaying the rules (or any paper document or work of art) is protecting it from the deleterious effects over time of light, air, humidity, heat, etc. This document is already in a fragile state, so major precautions will be taken to ensure its preservation. It may possibly mean, ultimately, that it cannot be on view at all times.

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Artist has designs on KU tree

Thank you to everyone who is bringing reason to the discourse here. And just to clarify on the questions of funding: the project is made possible by generous private donations and in-kind support from across the community; there are no state funds involved.

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