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This 'needs to be in Lawrence': Famous painting of Quantrill's Raid goes on sale for $30,000

Actually, they did have one print left in the fall of 2010. All other prints have been sold over the years.

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This 'needs to be in Lawrence': Famous painting of Quantrill's Raid goes on sale for $30,000

A little background on the painting, Bloody Dawn, which Mr. Ulmer indicated was painted depicting "Friday, Aug. 21, 1963 at a point in time when a group of hostages were allowed to leave the Eldridge Hotel for a safer place." He said, "The violence and action which took place in real-life in Kansas and Missouri during those [Civil War] years makes the action in most present-day movies seem mild in contrast."

Making history important and vivid to young people was a concern for Ulmer. He had long attended Civil War re-enactments and recreations of the raid for years prior to starting the painting. He began at those events by making a large number of sketches and taking photographs. In 1992, he said for this painting he reconstructed the scene carefully choosing and arranging his sketches and with attention to proper perspective. He rose early in the mornings while painting the piece to arrive at that spot on Massachusetts by 5:00 AM - the time the actual raid started - in order for all the light and shadows to be accurate.

Mr. Ulmer studied the only two written accounts of how a particular building was to have looked at the time of the raid and position it correctly on the canvas. He used historical photographs of buildings which did not completely burn during the raid - all in an attempt to be as historically accurate as possible.

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