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Day 4: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

anything can "screw" up your life, but honestly who really thinks weed is bad and evil? let's give the people what they want and let's make some "primo" tax $ off it.

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

seizures should go to returning troops or sold and the proceeds going towards aiding the troops when they return. then some good would come of the situation, but only after someone is found guilty!

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

no one can accuse you of overreacting.

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While residents have fled troubled trailer park, tons of trash remain

back in the early 40's something like this happened for the first time ever and it happened to be in missouri

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Research group says Brownback's business tax cut will produce problems

isn't wilbur the name of the pig in charlotte's web? sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. by the way, equality doesn't equal freebie's you simpleton, it means we all should receive the same taxation, not those that line the pockets of sam brownback

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Out with the old, in with the new as Weis era brings big changes to KU roster

Yes Javonte Daniel is MISSING!!! Really???

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NO FOOLIN’! Believe it: KU makes title game

I'm watching that one again today. Congrats guys, what an amazing effort by the whole team. One more and we'll be out in the streets once again! RCJH!!!

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FINAL: KU pushes past Ohio State, 64-62, to advance to championship game

RCJK KU!!! I feel that we can win this time around against kentucky & leave another team that was suppose to beat us stunned and wondering how. I wouldn't be surprised if kentucky is already looking ahead to cutting down the nets, their parade, meeting with the President and not even really thinking about Kansas. Love you guys, keep it up and continue to grind it out. It only takes 1 to win it. Really proud of what you all have accomplished so far, it's been a great season so far

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Hello, New Orleans!

We won't need either, we have momentum and nothing to loose. osu has a stacked deck & the world expecting them to win. We can hang & beat osu, the best part is we get the chance to do so twice in one year! RCJH GO KU!!!

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