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Lawrence-based Henry T's to open brewery; downtown craft beer retailer expands; New Hampshire Street fully open

"...in my experience and research...this mindset has lead(sic) to countless breweries to fail." Wow. Your handle is accurate.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Walking Tacos at Henry T's

These guys have it goin' on. I hear they're gonna brew beer. Tacos and beer. Yum.

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25 years ago: Local man trapped in Clinton Lake outhouse pit

I imagine the dread Buffalo Bob has felt waiting for Sarah to unearth the silver anniversary of his outhouse dunking was pretty heavy. Congrats!

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Letter: Not Kobach’s fault

You signed your name on a smudgy, poorly photocopied federal form years ago and were never asked for your proof of citizenship. That's how.

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Man injured in early-morning shooting

sorry, "nor".

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Man injured in early-morning shooting

my ignorant guess is it was neither astros, or henry t's that shot the man. my ignorant and speculative guess is that it was an unlicensed person carrying an unlicensed handgun commiting a felony on another human being.

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Owners seek to boost visibility

the perfect restaurant doesn't exist and mega chain operations, by their very nature, limit your choices. unless you truly enjoy prepackeged/microwaved/flavorless/overpriced chain food, your only out is an independent restaurant. good, or bad. and, the only thing clandestine about this is the ease in which a chain can take every single cent of their profit out of the communities in which they do their business and pass it on to their non-local executives and shareholders.

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Bar owner continues to fight smoking law

For DHD, as with most people, who say, "I find it hard to believe...", faith and their beliefs are sometimes rooted in fact. In this case, it depends on whose facts your willing to accept. What Mr. Steffes is arguing benefits us all. The El Paso ordinance copied by our city attorney, except for who enforces it, is vague. No citizen should be held accountable by any law that permits the government so much latitude in who, when, and how much they enforce it. This isn't a democracy, it's a republic. And three out of five commissioners can elect to re-write the ordinance to provide more clarity. What sucks is that being regarded as decisive often is just someone being stubborn. I think we've all had enough of that.

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Competitive spirit

It's not just the taxes. How 'bout the profits spent by a local owner in his/her community? With Spangle's it would seem improbable that Bucky's can survive. Would this be seen as a legitimate cause for consideration? Of course not. Restaurant chains recognize a community's legitimacy. Whereas Dillard's is seen as a threat. Oh the irony. Again, it's too bad for the guy who owns Bucky's.

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