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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

It's Bleeding Kansas all over again. Our federal tax dollars are being shipped to other states in bushel baskets by Governor Brownback. What's fiscally conservative about that?

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State decides not to apply for Race to Top funds

Don't you just love sending your tax dollars to Washington knowing that the State of Kansas will do absolutely nothing to bring those dollars back to Kansas to benefit our citizens?

LJW, please do a summary of how many of our hard earned Kansas tax dollars have gone to benefit other states because of Brownback's consistent choice to place his ideology in front of the well being of our state and our citizens!!!!!

There are multiple stories behind each of these decisions. The stories will not be revealed by asking Brownback's handpick loyalists why Kansas didn't apply for these much needed preschool education funds (and many other sources of funding).

It will take a little effort to get to the real story........are y'all up to some genuinely investigative reporting?

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Gas prices approach record highs

And they push the price of gas as high as they can every single year at this time!

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

The TAF program is Temporary Assistance for FAMILIES. Very, very adults qualify for TAF assistance without having at least once child in the household. Any efforts to restrict TAF payments to qualified FAMILIES for any reason will have an adverse affect on the children in the household. Sam;s plan is fine tooled to make children pay for their parents' sins. This is what pro-life looks like in the formerly great State of Kansas.

With the 'suspected' crap.........parents will be vulnerable to the whims of the TAF worker. If the worker doesn't like them........if the worker's in a bad mood..........and so on.

The only drug that is readily detected by UAs alone is marijuana. Very little marijuana will yield a positive result. Meth, the drug we are the most concerned about, only shows up on the UA if the person is high at the time or has recently used. Not difficult to fudge on this one.,

If reducing drug use in Kansas were the goal...........why would our illustrious Governor and Legislature chose this approach over funding more drug and alcohol treatment programs? And why leave alcohol out of the requirement? There are many more Kansas children at risk because of the misuse of alcohol than there are from the misuse of any illegal drugs. What about prescription drugs? It's bad policy. The policy will put children in danger of removal from their homes. The policy will cause drug users to avoid TAF benefits and deprive their children of a much needed social safety net.

Once again, I have to ask our "Christian' Kansas leaders............how do you square this crap with the Golden Rule.............I suspect the Kansas GOP has long ago torn that page out of their Bibles!! Matthew 7:12. Read it!

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Diversity official Rodriguez leaving KU different than he found it 35 years ago

A well deserved tribute to a very hard working and talented professor. Congratulations, Fred, on a career well lived!

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Lawrence attorney named ombudsman under new KanCare program

Seems odd that he hasn't practiced law for 18 years, but the LJW calls him an attorney. Seems even odder that he isn't willing to explain his credentials to the public beyond have a background in the insurance industry. Have to wonder if he hasn't been working for one of the companies that will be profiting from Kansas Medicaid 'services.' Easy to wonder when information is withheld.

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Letter: Remember vote

They, and their GOP colleagues, should hang their heads in shame.........

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‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ a bit out of date

Thank goodness "Upstairs Downstairs" is far more entertaining than this reviewer!

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's task force on school efficiency includes no one who works in a school

Hey! Expertise is a barrier to progress, right?

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How much of a priority should education be in Kansas?

That this is even a question in anyone's mind is evidence of how dramatically we have lost our collective vision. How pitiful are we that we spend one second squabbling about the importance of providing the best education we can to each and every one of our children.

The day we know we are on the right track is they day a new private school opens and no one enrolls their children because of the faith our parents have in our public schools.

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