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Kansas governor links merit pay, school aid

Merit pay!!! Wow...guess who would get that...of course the ones that sucks up the one deciding who should get it....it will never work for those that really deserve it, because they won't be spending their time blowing smoke up the person that gives the pay out....

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Kansas Senate approves bill legalizing fantasy sports

I agree Dorothy, now that we have the important stuff out of the way, maybe they can get down to getting the "real" stuff taking care of....this made me laugh to think this is what we send those up there for...I want my money back we're paying them...

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

OK, enough about Alexander.....get on with the new season.....

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Good luck in the "D" league, or overseas....your not ready for the NBA...won't miss you.....

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Kansas lawmaker's remarks on 'racist bigots' launches House probe

Define illegal to me Please?...if a person is illegal doesn't that mean that they are in this country illegal and should not be allowed.....what give with this giving anyone a break on anything when they are illegal...what kind of law do we have...do the legals get a break ?????

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Seeking to prevent divorce, Kansas legislators hold 2 days of hearings on marriage

OMG...and this is what we are paying our legislators for? If they don't get down to work and fund Kansas as is their job, more families will be broken financially...and we all know this is the impetus for most divorce in this country. What idiots!!!

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Kobach pushing bills to limit ballot withdrawals and to allow straight-party voting

Voting for a straight party line is like sticking your head in the sand....no one should ever vote that way just because it's easier....what if there is candidate that you simply don't like listed and you vote stright party....vote for the right person regardless of party...

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Why were ticket holders turned away from Obama’s speech at KU? President was in the building

Well if the little girl with the Alam famaily was sick all night she shouldn't have been out in a crowded area anyway contamanting other people....

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Arch rivals: KU-UK an All-American reunion

Another game not being abloe to watch the Hawks.....shame on those that cut out those of us that can"t get Tw or whoever.....oh well...

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