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After stepping down, former KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little still receiving more than $500,000 per year salary in 'special advisor' role

If she was impersonating Trump She would not any salary...He takes none for the Presidency....

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Trump abruptly axes FBI’s Comey in midst of Russia probe

If the Dems would realize that they lost and then try to work with thew present Administration maybe things would get done....Quit crying over spilled milk it's over...you lost....now as true Americans lets band together and try to get this Nation back to where it should be...

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City Commission votes to declare Lawrence a 'welcoming' city for immigrants, pursue additional support

Illegal is the key word I believe...and if they come here then they should honor our Flag and speak our language...no benefits until they become citizens and obey our laws ...easy to understand why Americans are unhappy with the way things are going we're still waiting for that plane load of Hollywood wannabe Canadians to board the plane....

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J-W wins top awards for police tickets story, best designed newspaper from Kansas Press Association

Best traffic ticket story ...was when my Son was going KU and was t-boned at a 4 way stop light and the cop wrote it up as Him from being from Garnett KS wasn't used to stop lights...but failed to quiz him on what he did at KU..he drove the football equipment van to the Big 8 football games like Dallas, Boulder, Houston etc....not use to stop lights cause those Cities must not have had them either...By the way this guys Agent called me after he read the report and said he asked them if he Wes Santee from Ashland KS had this happen would it be written up the same way...he couldn't believe it....we have two stop lights now in Garnett....

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The beetle hunter: KU entomologist on quest to identify insects of Peru

Who's footing the bill for this study???

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Some see danger in diverting money from Kansas highways, delaying projects

How about that stretch from Welda to Garnett...how many lives have been lost there?...curvy and hilly no shoulders...drive it sometime brownie...

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Latest Kansas highway cuts won't hit Douglas County

Thanks Brownie, for stopping the moderization of the stretch of 169 from Welda to Garnett....that is one dangerous stretch of hyway....I'm sure saving lives doesn't matter in this case...get your act together....

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Kansas Senate passes budget, ignores Supreme Court ruling for now

So why are we paying to have Supreme Court Judges make decisons if the Senate is going to ignor them?...Just as well save tax payers money and not have a Supreme Court./.Let The Parker kid do the ruling...

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Kansas governor links merit pay, school aid

Merit pay!!! Wow...guess who would get that...of course the ones that sucks up the one deciding who should get it....it will never work for those that really deserve it, because they won't be spending their time blowing smoke up the person that gives the pay out....

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Kansas Senate approves bill legalizing fantasy sports

I agree Dorothy, now that we have the important stuff out of the way, maybe they can get down to getting the "real" stuff taking care of....this made me laugh to think this is what we send those up there for...I want my money back we're paying them...

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