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Town Talk: CVB has hopes of attracting 12,000 for "Color Run" in downtown; design details on rec center emerging; East Lawrence project requesting 95 percent tax rebate

A standard size basketball court is 50 feet by 94 feet...so it sounds like there will be no regulation size courts? Either Chad didn't proofread very well or it sounds like this design is already a fail...

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3 Kansans in House vote against bailout

Bye Bye Dennis

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Smoking ban proposal introduced in Kansas Senate

This is a very interesting bill...

Sounds to me mostly that they are passing the buck, but allowing each county to decide what to do...but at least it levels the playing field.

First of all, it is a county-by-county ban... If it isn't passed, a local ordinances will still be in force (either city or county).

I can't see this passing, because the tobacco lobby will not like the fact that they will have to fight this in 105 counties...

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Senators join calls for smoking ban

Actually, all of you who have asked for a ban on sodas and HFCS....that has already happened.

The soda manufacturers have been told that they cannot sell regular sugary sodas in places of K-12 education...this ban is currently being phased in...

Thank you for considering the public health ramifications.

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Crushing debt

My wife and i used to be average...with the average amount of debt (this year it is over $10,000)...

PTL that today we have no CC debt

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Worries persist that lack of classes on Day 5 boosts drinking on Day 4

I would suggest we run classes from Wednesday through Sunday...surely nobody will drink on Sunday night or Monday...

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City slowdown

Most striking from the cookie cutter subdivision in the picture was trees...not a single tree visible...

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Chat about Go Red with Jamayla L. Long

News or an advertorial? It is nice to see LJW giving back, but just run a PSA next time.

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Lawrence bar owners, activists weigh in on state smoking ban

I had to lay off most of my staff over the summer, and again, I didn't schedule nearly 1/2 of my staff between semesters...smoking ban...not hardly...because the students my business caters to are out of town...

In 1900 buggy whip manufacturers were in every town...not so much anymore...so learn to adapt to the new reality and shut up about how it is not fair.

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Domestic partner registery considered

A gay registry...hey, great idea...now we will know where to go when it comes time to round them up for the mandatory AIDS testing or public lynching or whatever might come down the road...

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