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Living joy: Lawrence boasts four female, modern-day apostles from Catholic order

A lot of words over words that no one can prove. That doesn't mean there isn't a higher power(s) it just means we don't know. I'm sure I know what I think I know but most the time I can't even trust my eyes so I'll keep an open mind about things spiritual and give my fellow man room to explore a spiritual path or not to explore at all. Peace and good will to men and women too.

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Police investigating reported residential robbery

CA, you say you mean no harm but how do your words improve anything. Facts are like a club while truth and understanding brings healing. Ask yourself am I hurting or healing?What we speak matters as will as what we think.

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DLI likely won't pay $6,400 bill

KU vs MU at Arrowhead, ring any bells? Lawrence downtown hosed by KU big time as I recall.

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What was the worst storm you have ever experienced?

Lawrence 1981 at Godfather's Pizza with my family then drove south on Louisiana street only to run right into the twister as it passed the wetlands. Heart in my throat scared!

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More lies?

Speaking of lies.http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1736831,00.html

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More lies?

No nukes for kooks and only a kook would nuke his fellow man! I guess that makes the US a kook since its the only country that ever nuked anyone.

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Christianity out of step with Jesus' teachings

Love your neighborLove your enemiesLove your wife\husbandLove your childrenLove your God

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Faith Forum: Is God male or female?

The Lakota refer to god has "wakantanka" or great mystery or I have heard it "unknowable greatest". Gender seems a silly subject when one considers the infinite. I have no illusions that I can prove what I believe nor would I mock what others do or don't believe. Live in peace my friends.

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Bucky's location sold

doug envy is spreading and whiners are highly susceptible.

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