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Lawrence Superintendent Rick Doll announces resignation

Thanks Dr. Doll for your service and dedication to our community!

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Why is Roman Catholicism attacked so much?

My father was born in 1914 and in 1920 his parents were forced to send him off to the boarding church school which was run by the catholics. His hair was cut and he was forbidden to speak his first language, lakota. He was told that lakota beliefs were of the devil and the catholics god was the only true god and was coerced into being a catholic as was his parents (food supplies for poor indian families were tied to church membership). If a child misbehaved he or she received physical punishment. But Dad learned to box and was a golden gloves champ and even fought professional a few times. The catholics taught him numerous skills that were very beneficial to him in his adult life. My point, there is good and bad in everything and the catholics aren't the only horse in the race so choose careful who you make the only way to heaven. Many roads to the same place probably, I like the scenic route.

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Empathy needed

children are a sacred gift from the creator but I think people have very little patience today. children should behave and they learn that with loving patient parent(s) but remember many homes are dysfunctional and in pain. its easy to judge at the appearance but there may be more to the story when kids act up. avoid the kindness recession, we can't afford it.

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What grade would you give President George W. Bush's presidency?

I think D is fair but it's easy to second guess the past yet shaping the future is a hard thing. Everything Bush did, he did with a Republican and Democratic congress' approval. Congress gets a D too.

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Haskell kicks off 125th year

Onward Haskell

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Kansas AD’s salary No. 2 in nation

Your everlasting summerYou can see it fading fastSo you grab a piece of somethingThat you think is gonna lastYou wouldn't know a diamondIf you held it in your handThe things you think are preciousI can't understand

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What was your most unique pet?

Pepper, best dog ever

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