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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

Don't-tread-on-me, I don't think you see many teachers complaining about pay as much as people who complain about "paid summer vacation" and overpaid teachers. Teaching is a skill that not everyone can do effectively and should be paid accordingly. Same as a person in the private sector has skills and are paid accordingly. It is knowing a district has money to increase salaries, but refuses to because they have the "power" is the problem.

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Kansas science and math teachers easily recruited away

How about having all year schools and pay the teachers a $22/hr. rate. Parents would be upset about that. You might get "better" teachers, but when would they be able to become recertified since that requires further college classes, usually done in the summer. When I taught, I spent more than an 8 hour day either grading papers or planning how to suppliment the lack of teaching materials available to me and my students.

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Editorial: Court case

Mayor Dever in asking for this item to be put on the agenda also asked Mr. Corliss to find the money to do this if the Commissioners voted to install lights. My question is what is the plan and cost? I would hope there is a plan in place and cost estimate BEFORE a vote is taken and not the other way around. Also that this would be settled forever!

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

The whole issue is the fact that when installing lights, they CANNOT meet City Code. If they could, the lights would already be up. Also, these courts are closer to more houses than the previous courts.

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

It is kind of funny that people think the option for the neighbors is to move. In a meeting one person state they lived several blocks away and would like to be nearer the tennis courts (and lights). When a neighbor stood and offered to trade houses, there was no response.

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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

My mother taught her four boys that people are people no matter the skin color, creed, or whatever. Looking back on my college years (1960's), I now see what the article is talking about. African-American students, for the most part, lived in the worst apartments in town (this was a Kansas town), because landlords would not rent the better apartments to them. At the time I didn't give it much thought. Only when confronted with "Whiteness" having advantages, do I now really see the racial aspect. This thought process should make for better teacher-student interaction no matter who the people are.

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Letter: Communication

I have a Facebook conversation that has gone on for several days as each of us have various schedules, but the interaction can still continue, even as we live several states away from each other. Face-to-face would be great, but this still keeps us contected.

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Ecumenical Campus Ministries pastor Holcombe retiring after 22 years of listening

I met and worked with Thad through Habitat for Humanity. Well deserved retirement! I know you will be missed at ECM. Congratulations!

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Editorial: School excellence

This is not to say that there aren't excellent teachers in the District, however my son had a teacher one year that was an alcoholic and the administration just transfered him/her to a new school each year. Also had a high school teacher that sat and read the textbook out loud (each paragraph twice) rather than having a discussion about the material. Administration needs to take responsibility in seeing we have excellent educators and follow policy to get rid of below-par teachers.

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Editorial: School excellence

But we do have the best athletic fields in the state as attested by the KC area schools coming to Lawrence to play their "home" games. That should count for something!

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