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Driver cited for leaving vehicle in Douglas County construction site

Anytime a car leaves a roadway it is classified an accident. If you are able to drive away, no one would know, unless there are witnesses, but it still an accident. Looks like this car would have damage, even if minor.

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Editorial: Public process

Not nefarious, but doing nothing to educate the taxpayers as to how their money is or isn't spent. Having negotiated with other districts, the same thing occurs. They set a budget to "spend" money for various accounts and at the end of the year, while the account is "spent", in actuality the money has been moved to other places for items unrelated to the original account. Also reasons for $17 M surpluses.

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City commissioners asked to approve credit card and gate system for new downtown parking garage

I hope the City actually talks to KU Parking about their gates on the garage on Jayhawk Blvd. and stay AWAY from the company that installed those gates. KU had all kinds of trouble with their gates not opening or cards not working properly. Understand Hollywood casino in KC had the same company and troubles. Do some homework and not go with the sales pitch!

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Editorial: More maneuvers

Why not make it simple and have a ballot that only has the names of those he wants to hold office, like himself. That way everyone can "vote" and only his name will be counted. What countries will send representatives to monitor OUR elections to ensure fairness? I just don't understand the way conservatives think. They want to cut wasteful spending, but then create crap like this!

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County takes no action on controversial rock quarry

Seems to me the neighbors knew about the quarry before moving there and should have expected that it would be used again. Its like those near the high school should have known that athletic fields would someday be built. If they don't like it, just move! I'm sure the property values haven't decreased. Just wait until the quarry installs lights. (sarcasm OFF)

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School board to review architectural bids

This link was for the concept plans for the bond election. I would like to see the plans from the architechtural firm that gets the bid that show what is actually going to be built, or does that firm have to follow those concept plans?

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School board to review architectural bids

Are there plans to put at least the footprints of the building construction on the USD 497 website when construction begins?

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Efforts continue at blocking Common Core in Kansas

And the Weekly Standard is a very reliable and unbiased source! (sarcasm)
"Do some more research." I agree. Check other sources.

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City hears pitch for policy limiting use of drones by police department

I can only imagine the humor that would come from Chad's writing if he had a drone. I have seen some "amazing" sights when people think "no one is looking". Just think of the sights he would discover to write about!
I am more worried about anyone else having a drone that the public would have no idea who to hold responsible if something went wrong. How about an ordinance about driverless vehicles?

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