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Letter: Courage lacking

It seems to me that it is still the strategy of the Republicans to try to deny Obama a second term, but since that failed, to try everything else to make it look to be a "failed two-term Presidency". It is easy to stand back and criticize a President, but quite another thing when you are the one charged with making the decisions and standing in the way of actually helping the economy recover or Americans getting a job.

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Four inducted into Lawrence Business Hall of Fame

Having worked at the Quaker plant for almost 30 years, under several plant managers, Sherry was by far the best to work for and with. He really cared for the employees and was always out of his office to see first hand what was happening in the plant. Congratulations, Sherry, for a well deserved honor.

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Praeger providing information on changes in health law

Thank you Ms. Praeger for all your efforts and for being the kind of Insurance Commissioner needed and deserved by our state.

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Letter: Civil discourse

Lynn731, it seems that Va. has some sensible gun control laws. If the news reports were correct, the Navy yard shooter wanted to purchase an AK47, but state gun laws prohibit anyone from out-of-state to buy that gun. Think about how much worse it might have been had he obtained that "tool". Glad the gun shop followed the law in that situation. I agree with at least background checks. It might stop these types of shooting.

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KU Band Day marches on, even without parade

Some of my best memories of high school are of band participation and related activities, including Band Day!

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No injuries reported in Lawrence school bus accident

Saw a First Student bus run a red light on 23rd at Naismith this morning (Tues.9-3) about 11:15. Cars turning onto 23rd from both directions stopped in time. The bus stopped in the middle of the intersection, but then when on west. Couldn't catch up to it to get a number.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

Did they have to get a permit for the sign wavers? Payless even has one at 23rd & Louisiana. Just wondering. Much more of a distraction than car lot signs, balloons, etc.

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Former East Lawrence scrap yard may become unique housing development

My first thought was the floodplain issue, but I am glad to see that the state seems to take care of that issue by redrawing their maps. That seems to be the best way to solve a water problem. Just redraw! Plans from the rebuilding of the houses with piers in New Orleans should be easy to duplicate.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

There already is an ordinance about indoor furniture outside a residence. Is there not enough language in that one to enforce? Maybe that should have been modified instead of adding more. Make codes that can be enforced or don't make them in the first place.

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Opinion: U.S. shouldn’t cut its ties with Egypt

It scares me that for the first time I can agree with CK's column. It also amazes me that talking heads and members of Congress try to tell the President what he should do, which is easy when they don't have the responsibility for any decision on the situation in Egypt.

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