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Letter: An angry rant

A rant, by any other name than angry would just be a rant. While complaints are logged, could anyone tell me the real outcome. Put plainly, even during an angry rant, I am sure that everyone will continue to do what is needed to save money. So the problem with a double sided coin. We want the outcome but not the results.... We wish on a shooting star for what? Another shooting star. Buy today to save tomorrow.

I love how every shopping trip I make is finished by a cashier smiling and informing me of the money I saved.... You saved $9.00 today sir.... yah right, I was only wanting to spend a dollar so how did I save 9?

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Douglas County oil production up 12 percent in 2012; outpaces statewide growth

I am just curious, does anyone who reads this article really think that the oil production of Douglas county being up by 12 percent will ever equate to a hill of beans??? 40,000 more barrels per year? I believe the US uses a way larger amount per day.. Not sure of those numbers but then again I didn't read the entire article because I am sure the numbers are way off

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Contentious issue of lighted tennis courts near LHS to be discussed again by city commissioners

Just curious, if the tennis players of Lawrence already have special finger lights to use for playing after dark, are lights on the court such a big deal??? Boy that came out quick, I am sure to get a lashing for this one.

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City to use eminent domain to take over dilapidated East Lawrence property; Just Food seeks $25,000 in CDBG funding to expand dairy, meat offerings

when I was a kid we didn't have eminent domain, and we liked it.. and when I was a kid coke a cola was a nickel but we had to work for a nickel so we had to work and we liked it... but then taxes where higher and coke a cola cost a dime and tax was a nickel so we had to work an extra hour for a coke and a smile, but we did it cause we liked it.

now coke a cola is a dollar and taxes are even higher so we drink water cause its free, and we like it when it rains we just collect our rain water and like it....and when it snows we may be cold but we like it cause it doesn't cost anything to be cold and we can be cold all day and no one will say here have a coke a cola cause they don't have a dollar and they give us water and we like it yeah we like it...

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

unbelievable, thanks a lot guys, two of you complaining, I took my hands off the handlebars for one second to point figures and slammed into a tree.... who am I going to blame for this one....from a he said she said sitting in my kitchen standpoint does it matter who was at "fault"? wont make your day any better and it wont help the guy on the bike.... hope he is ok

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Vehicle rolls over near 10th and Mississippi streets

I for one am glad that the new style of journalism coming out for the future will require all small details to be in line before an article is printed.... Can you imagine the problems if I had driven by the accident on purpose and found out the car description was wrong???? All that time wasted waiting in traffic only to find the make and model of car was wrong.

In the future articles will not be printed until all information has been reviewed. for car accidents this will include but is not limited to the make and model of the car, the drivers name age sex, as well as any pets names the person might own. Any mailmen, dog walkers, and or people walking within a five mile radius we should list these people in order by name age and what type of job they have. How many police responded, if the car involved was two toned, pin stripped, or any rust.

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Letter: Elder care

One of the major problems we have is using last years taxes to fund next years expenses leaving a hole in the middle of our savings for the future.

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Vulgar license plates are OUTALUK in Kansas

this could be new job adventure, helping people design plates that say what they want... im on it dont worry

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Have you already or do you plan to vote?

yeah but dont you have to have a valid DL to vote???

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Have you already or do you plan to vote?

what about those that are counting on learning to count, that would make only 2 wouldnt it?

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