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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

All this complaining and no one has stopped to realize that the city expects you to generate your trash for collection on the day before collection and only the day before collection.

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Lawrence trash schedule not affected by July Fourth holiday

roses are red violets are blue, the trash man has the day off whatever shall I do??
change my schedule I should think not, place my trash at the side of the curb and for a week it shall rot.
But all is not lost, nothing could be finer, for an entire week from now, the wildlife will have an all you can eat dinner.

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Lawrence trash schedule not affected by July Fourth holiday

This may have become necessary by the new collection rules requiring all trash to be in the roll containers. Most people who pay for this service will in no way pay for an extra container to hold trash, the trash collection guys wont pick up your trash unless it is in a cart. If you have too much trash to fit in the cart, they will red tag it and suggest you rent another cart and pay additional monthly fees.

Most people will use one cart and monitor the amount of trash set out each week. If they have to go two weeks there will be no way to have enough room in the allotted and paid for carts

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What makes a good barbecue sauce?

got to have good meat to have a great sauce... you can take the best of sauces and ruin it during the cooking and application process. The best sauces are made into good marinades, soak the meat then apply raw sauce to the cooked meat. If you try to use sauce for cooking, you will end up with burnt sauce on your cooked meat.

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I am allergic to moles and all byproducts.... please advise

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Sound Off: License stickers

I am not sure why this would be an effective question other than for those unable to follow directions. If a location is specified, why would one go against this placement?

when a new tag is purchased and paid for, the stickers are put on while at the DMV. So when you renew and get new stickers. I would suggest the old fashion way of cleaning the old sticker to be free of dirt and grime and adhering the new sticker on top.... And yes the stickers are made to be NOT REMOVABLE so don't try to tear old sticker off....

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Douglas County oil production up 12 percent in 2012; outpaces statewide growth

I am interested in your knowledge. Not trying to be the funny one here, Im being serious for once in my posting career....
Do you feel oil fracking will become a big process for the state of Kansas at some point.?

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Douglas County oil production up 12 percent in 2012; outpaces statewide growth

If one expects the up tick in small oil well start up to have an effect on prices it will. Once all small wells are up and running, the price regulators will adjust the price of oil per barrel to make production from small wells to cost prohibitive. Supply and demand will regulate the price, thus the reason that most small wells have been at a very slow production rate for years....
I believe the oil production process is going towards fracking and other cost effective ways of production. This will further effect the price of crude oil. And many states are backing the fracking process with tax incentives for setting up in specific areas.

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You should contact me I collect dandelions for a hobby. things have kind of gotten out of hand and I could use some help..

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

I like your hopeful outlook. However I am going to venture to say that lots of posters here in the LJW probably live in glass houses and most of them have very expensive window replacement bills. It is amazing some of the outlandish comments made on a topic such as this.
I agree with you completely, tried to make the same point the other day, however I think it was overlooked being mixed with the other posts. Everyone is an expert, everyone knows the other guy did it wrong, and the truth is an article like this was to alert people to an injury and accident to provide compassion and possibly get people to think twice while driving a car OR riding a bike. accidents are just accidents and some are unavoidable no matter who is to blame...

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