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City commissioners defer action on parking issue for boarding houses

more senseless regulations from the republic of lawrence

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Enforcement challenge

Has the city gone absolutely mad. What business is it of theirs. And what should we do with all the old houses near the univerisity. Should we tear them down and contruct apartment complexes with a maximum of three bedrooms.

If you live next to roudy neighbors, tell them to keep it down or file a noise complaint. Its not like the cops here are afraid to enforce that.

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Waving goodbye to the wheat

god when will the anti-glueten fad blow over.

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Artist responds

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Teachers in U.S. deserve more respect

an average salary of 55,000 a year with summers, winter and spring breaks off, is that really something to complain about? Yes their job is important but who's job isn't.

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Lawrence City Commission considering enforcing limits on how many unrelated people can live in a single-family home

I could undertand families being upset when college students are bad neigbors. But enforcing arbitrary housing codes that would do unnecessary harm to realators is no the way to go.

And its not like Lawrence cops take noise complaints lightly.

January 10, 2012 at 7:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Who do you think can better address the needs of the common man, a member of Congress with a $1 million or more net worth or one with a negative net worth?

If you told someone you own a $1,000,000 house, most people would consider you filthy rich.

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A basic right

Well he still signed it didn't he.

What a world class politician, signing largely unpopular into law and then writing some non-binding statement to cover himself.

I guess we'll need more change come 2012

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Have you ever called the police to file a noise complaint?

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Kirsten, I doubt there's a man on earth that could stand the mouth on you.

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