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End of the run: QB Brad Strauss returns, but Lions fall

Well personaly LHS did a grreat job this year and Also cross-town rival LFSHS... they both did a very good job this year.. brad for lhs did a great job with Jenkins and for fs RP and Kyle M. well i think i give the edge to LHS next year

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Everything going their way: Chiefs on four-game roll

well personaly i think the chiefs are doing great... you might not think as the same as i do. like Todd Haley said the next five games are ours. i think with the help of D-Bowe and the big rookie Johnthan Baldwin and with the secondary which should be great because Todd Haley is a former NFL cornerback. also with Succop and The big leg of D.C they should win against Maimi and become 5-3.....

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