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Rec center will be named for Ambler

If you have nothing against Ambler, nor even know what me meant to this project or university- how can you be against it? The reason the building is going to be named after him is because of how much he meant to the project and the students of KU, not monetarily, but figuratively and as a staff person.

Long overdue in my opinion.

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Jayhawks call for full stadium

Top 3? Let's not get ahead of ourselves Mr. Stuckey!

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Appy State stuns Michigan


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OxyContin maker, executives plead guilty

This isn't about the drug being addictive- it's about the execs LYING about the addictiveness that they knew existed.

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Wright bummed by reaction

Hey stops4armadillos: Ask Danny Manning how he is doing in the multi-million dollar house, with his kids, wife and KU assistant coach job. Wow- sure glad I'm not Danny Manning. That life must suck!

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Wright bummed by reaction

It's a wonder any top flight player would want to come here the way the KU student body and people of Lawrence treat them. When the going is good, the students and townspeople treat you like Gods, but when you lose two in a row, or leave early for the NBA, or get mired in a shooting slump, you would think these players had committed the worst crime in the world.

Last time I checked, they are still stduents coming to KU to better their opportunity for gainful employment in the real world. If they have done that in one year, two years, or even three- and they leave for that job in the real world, who are we to blame them. And- let's say you are Brandon Rush and you find our you aren't guaranteed to be a first round pick, why on earth would you want to come back now after seeing how un-supportive this town and university can be when things don't go exactly the way they want it.

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Parking lots a target for thieves

Sigmund- That rug really tied the room together man!

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No 'I' in Free State

Apparently Hunter also "forgot" you must win a game in Substate to get to State.

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Keegan: Jungle a jumpin' hoop joint

"And then there is sophomore point guard Dorian Green, who has the best feel for the game of basketball of anyone on the floor Friday. The city's best prospect, Green always seems to know where to go with the ball. He weaves through crowded lane traffic so smoothly it looks almost as if he's bored, then, wham, the ball ends up in a teammate's hands for an easy bucket."

Then there is Free State's junior point guard, who as soon as he begins to drive, you know a shot is going up, and it will likely be a bad one. Kudos to Coach Law for taking him out for the attempted come-back- but he should have been pulled MUCH earlier than that. He needs to learn to be a pass-first, shoot-second point guard. He has the ability to get past the first defender, but he is not strong enough to get all the way to the rim through the big men. He either needs a pull-up 10 foot jumper or dish off to the big men.

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Kansas recruiting class reaches equilibrium

Mangino can sugar-coat it however he wants...but he hauled in what is widely considered the worst rated class in all of the Big XII this year.

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