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Lawrence Memorial Hospital braces for cuts from Affordable Care Act

and there are those working for LMH who have no healthcare ins

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Lawrence residents say new garbage cans are stinking up the city

Try sprinkling a layer of baking soda in the bottom, with a layer of newspaper over that.
If you wash it out use a cup of white vinegar with a little dish detergent, more baking soda if you want.
Have found this helps.

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Editorial: Verdict is in

This unfortunate situation has facets connected to racism.

Why are people buying guns and getting concealed carry permits in record numbers? Many are realizing that whites are no longer the majority in this country and afraid darker skinned electees may treat whites like rich white men have, in the past, treated non-whites. They are scared.

Ditto with efforts at voter supression. Past efforts have made it easier for minorities and the disenfranchised (poor) to vote and look what happened. A semi-black president. Voter supression is an effort to put the genie back in the bottle.

Custer's last stand?

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

You have my vote, but hope you have money for lots of BIG signs to be placed everywhere.
Yes, you must get into the outlying parts of the district.

Good Luck!

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Editorial: Verdict is in

Hmmmmm, this sounds like Georgie's brother's advice for everyone to take a deep breath and step back. You mean like his brother did(n't)?

I heard over and over about Georgie acting in self defense. I believe a teen ager walking alone at night when accosted by a stranger, has a right to self defense also. But I never heard one word about Travon acting in self defense, seems only Georgie had that right.

As for misinformation concerning the facts, the facts will never be known, we only hear one side of the story. The other side was silenced.
I guess how incensed one becomes over media coverage depends on what side of which story one is on.
Although I believe media coverage is excessive on most everthing, it's another result of corporate control. Big business, they all have to be there first with the best coverage.
Don't expect it to change.

Of course this has elements of racism, as well as gun control.

We should all pack, giving us the right to bully and insult others, and should they resist, we can stand our ground, and shoot them.
Guess the one with the gun has the right to stand their ground. If they both have guns???

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Kansas Insurance Commissioner doesn't fit in GOP

Coming from a Dem, Thank You Sandy Praeger for looking out for the interests of all people.
We are all people regardless of political affiliation. Thank You for realizing that.
It was great when there was a balance, give and take, in government. We were unaware our good fortune. Now it's just a memory.
Maybe when some out west lose essential services, they'll wake up.
Not holding my breath.

There are few left like her, they have been forced out, or should we say smothered out by the Koch's and those like them.

Wish she would run for governor, but it's easy to understand why many, except those with the backing of the aforementioned, would even try.

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Brownback signs Kansas income tax cut bill into law

Welcome to Kansasippi.

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Letter: Firepower

nra leadership are just salesmen for gun manufacturers

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City of Lawrence begins using new automated trash truck

The wonders of technology!
Soon the truck won't need a driver. There are already driverless cars in existence.
More jobs eliminated.

There are already too few jobs for those who want and need them.

And to think I used to scoff at the idea of Singularity.

It's real, it's here, get used to it.

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

There's no understanding these people. They scream about too much government infringement by way of too many laws upon their lives, about the government wasting their money. What do they see themselves doing?

I don't believe anyone believes in abortion, per se, but it is at times necessary. Restrictive laws such as they have passed only hurt poor women. Wealthy woman have always had access to and will continue to have access to abortion.

Oops, I forgot for a minute that this administration hates the poor.

Oh and be sure not to miss the aticle in today's paper about the huge tax deficit we are facing. Again, this burden falls on the poor.

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