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Lawrence High teacher suspended

Next time try decaf, and looking a little harder skinny.

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Halliburton moves headquarters to Dubai

bearded_gnome: yes, they did slip up a few times, but no charges filed, no crimes.

That's good logic there!

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Fans plot bracket revenge


Aw, did someone get picked last in gym class?

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Is the Christian right sold on Brownback?

Way to prove your point with the doublepost, imastinker.

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Amyx considers mandatory sentencing for guns near bars

Unless the plan is significantly better thought out than this blurb sounds, it's got a lot of problems.

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Plan would move post office to Riverfront

So what happened to moving the post office to the Tanger outlet mall? I believe the Fritzels have purchased Tanger, which would seem to be a logical first step towards getting the post office in there. Not saying it's a good idea, but there was much talk of this just a few months ago.

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Slip 'n' slide: Icy sidewalks pose slick hazard for those on foot

Here is the text of an email I sent City Hall and the Public Works department:

To whom it may concern;

I work at the I70 Business Plaza, for Home Oxygen 2-U. The parking lot at the I70 Business Plaza has not been plowed, sanded, or salted at all this winter. Currently, the parking lot more closely resembles a place to pack up the kiddies to go skating than a place to park cars. While I am aware that this is a private lot, there are 2 state agencies (DMV and the Highway Patrol Inspection office) there, in addition to Protection One's headquarters, Home Oxygen 2-U, and the Lawrence Bridge Club. Watching student drivers try to start their driving test there, in addition to watching the generally elderly members of the Lawrence Bridge Club try to navigate the ice, is a painful experience. From our office we have seen children fall on the ice, elderly folks fall on the ice, multiple (15-20) cars slide into curbs, and just today one of my co-worker's car was slid into by another car.

The landlord has assured us that the lot will be cleaned tomorrow morning, which is 3 days too late. Surely there is something the city can do in the future, or even tomorrow if the lot is not cleaned, which sadly would not surprise me. Plow trucks regularly turn around in the lot to get back onto 2nd street, raising their plows as they go around the lot. Can they not drop their blades in the future?

For many people, travelling to the DMV or Highway Patrol Office is not an optional event; and leaving those people to slide around and risk injury to themselves or their autos is not the actions of a responsible landlord or city.

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Gators buck odds

What's wrong with a 4 team playoff? You have to draaw the line somewhere, and 4 seems like a good # to me. 8 teams and you're making college teams play a 15 game season, which is a little too much. 4 teams is a 14 game season.

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Missouri St. should get the boot, KU fan says

How long til a street in Columbia gets named 'Quantrill Street'?

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